Patton Electronics 450RC24
Ultra High Density G.703 Balun Panel

Patton Model 450RC24
Ultra High Density G.703 Balun Panel
The Patton Model 450RC24 Ultra High-Density 24 Port Balun Provides Flexible 75/120-Ohm Telco Interfacing Solutions for E1 Networks
Model 450RC24
  Features & Benefits
  • Connects 75-Ohm dual coax to 120-Ohm dual 50-pin telco connectors
  • Bi-directional signal conversion according to CCITT G.703
  • Data rates up to 2.048 Mbps
  • 1U high enclosed chassis
  • Reversible cover with integrated mounting ears
  • Mounts in standard 19-in. (48.3 cm) rack
  • No AC power or batteries required
  • 24 female BNC coax pairs
  • Dual 50-pin telco 120-Ohm connectors
  • 6-inch BNC removal tool

The Patton 450RC24 G.703 balun panel matches 24 sets of dual 75-ohm coax connections to 120-Ohm 50-pin telco connections. This feature allows network & datacom equipment manufacturers who are selling equipment for use in COs with only 120-Ohm telco interfaces to offer their equipment to G.703/G.703 countries using 75-ohm connections. This eliminates the mismatch with coax legacy equipment in many COs.


Model 450RC24 Application drawing

Supporting E1 data rates to 2.048 Mbps, the Patton 450RC24 panel bi-directionally matches signal impedance and pulse shapes according to the CCITT G.703 standard. The Patton 450RC24 balun panel mounts in a standard 19-inch (48.3-cm) rack, occupies only 1U of rack space, and includes a reversible top cover.

Ordering Information

450RC24: E1/G.703 Ultra High Density 24-port, Dual 50-pin Telco Balun Chassis (BNC Coax)



Electrical Characteristics
Averaged between 1MHz and 3MHz
Avg. Cross Talk: Better than 54.4 dB (Between adjacent channels (TX and RX)
Avg. Insertion Loss: Less than .30dB
Avg. Return Loss: Better than 31.5dB

Physical Specifications
Transmission Line: CCITT G.703 (unstructured)
Data Rate: 2.048 Mbps
75 Ohm Connection: Dual coax female BNC connectors
120 Ohm Connection: Dual 50-pin Telco connectors
Power Supply: none required
Link-to-Data Isolation: 500 volts AC/DC
Temperature Range: 32-122?F (0-50?C)
Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Altitude: 0-15,000 feet (3,048 meters)
Dimensions (without handles): 19" Wide x 3.5" High x 1.9? Deep (48.3 x 8.9 x 4.8 cm)
Weight: 4.46lbs (2.02kg)

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