Patton Electronics 2960/16
120-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up
Remote Access Server (RAS)

Patton Model 2960/16
120-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up, Remote Access Server (RAS)
The Patton 2960 remote access server provides 16 dial-up ports, each supporting V.92, V.110, V.90, K56FlexΒ™, V.34+, and ISDN connections.
This RAS is V.92 READY!
  Features & Benefits
  • 16 ports in a 1U-high platform
  • Dynamic Analog/Digital Modems
  • Frame Relay & PPP Network Uplinks
  • SNMP/HTTP Network Management
  • MultiLink and Multichassis Support
  • Dual-Redundant Power Supplies
  • Available in your choice of Ultra Red, Black Ice, or Cool White colors

The Patton 2960 RAS is an ideal solution for the established Internet Service Provider that is expanding into a new calling area. By integrating capabilities into our 2996 Remote Access Server, the ISP lowers expansion costs and produces revenue immediately.

The 2960 RAS integrates 16 analog and digital modems, RAS software, a 10/100 Ethernet port, IP Routing, Frame Relay forwarding, and four E1/T1 CSU/DSUs. It connects 16 dial-in-modem V.92, V.110, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+ or ISDN users to the Internet, IP LANs, or Corporate Intranets. Load-sharing dual-redundant power supplies and integrated Web-based SNMP/HTTP management system capabilities make our 2960 RAS the most reliable and easiest to use RAS in the business!


Number of Connections: 16
Power Supplies: Dual Redundant (Fixed) AC
Ethernet Ports: One 10/100Base-T
WAN Ports: Four
Modem Modulations: V.92, V.90, K56Flex™, V.34 Annex 12, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.23, V.22, V.22bis, V.21, Bell 212A, Bell 202, Bell 103, EIA-PN-2330, V.8, V.8bis, Sync/Async receiver/transmitter for V.14, V.42/V.42bis error correction & compression
PSTN Signaling: E1 Primary Rate interface (Q.931), E1 MFR2 (R2), T1 Primary Rate Interface, T1 Robbed bit with Loop/Ground Start or E&M Wink, E&M Immed, Taiwan R1 and Drop & Insert
Management Services: HTTP, SNMP, TELNET Dial-in and Ethernet or RS-232 console port, SYSLOG client, Remote software upgrade via FTP, User configurable login prompts and banners
Authentication: RADIUS, PAP/CHAP, Username/Password, and Static Users Database (111 Entries)
Software Upgrades: Achieved through Flash upgrades via FTP. Software available at
Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty. Upgrade available to a 5-year Enhanced Waranty (includes Advance Replacements)
Protocol Services: TCP/IP suite with extensive protocol statistics - ICMP/TFTP/FTP/RLOGIN/TELNET • Ethernet ARP, Proxy ARP and RARP protocols • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) • SLIP protocol • Van Jacobson TCP header compression PPP address and protocol compression • RADIUS authentication and accounting, with support for primary and secondary servers • RIP, RIPv2 and OSPF dynamic route distribution* - user configurable static routes • MultiLink PPP • Multi-chassis MultiLink • Layer 3 and Layer 4 IP Filtering

* OSPF feature in development. Call for availability.

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