Patton Electronics Model 545
Twinax Surge Protectors for IBM Midrange Systems
(AS/400, 34/36/38)

Patton Model 545
Twinax Surge Protectors for IBM Midrange Systems
(AS/400, 34/36/38)
Don't Gamble with Your Expensive Hardware any Longer—Here's Reliable Data Line Surge Protection for Midrange Systems
  Features & Benefits
  • Combined Surge Handling Capability of 3,000 Watts
  • Diverts Harmful Transients to Chassis Ground through a Heavy-Duty Braided Metal Strap
  • Model 545 MF has One Male and One Female Twinax Connector for In-Line Hook-Up
  • Model 545 MFF is a Twinax T-Splitter and Surge Protector in One Unit
  • Sophisticated Hybrid Circuits Protect without Slowing Down the Network
  • Able to Handle Repeated Surges without Degrading in Performance
  • "Fail Safe" Design Guards Equipment in Case of a Severe Surge

Transient surges are a constant threat to your twinax AS/400 or System 34/36/38 network. Whether their source is lightning, AC power induction, electrostatic discharge, ground potential differences or EMI/RFI interference, transient surges can cause serious problems: data deletion, system crashes even serious hardware damage.

The Patton EPG Model 545 is designed to greatly reduce the threat that transient surges pose to your twinax network. Installing directly between incoming twinax data cables and twinax data ports, the Model 545 safely diverts surge energy to chassis ground before hardware damage occurs. Our new T-splitter version replaces the twinax T-splitter on your existing connection.

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