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Powered, Asynchronous to Synchronous

Patton Model 2012
Powered, Asynchronous to Synchronous Converter
The Model 2012 uses an Elastic buffer to synchronize the async data with the sync clocks.
  Features & Benefits
  • Provides Data Rates up to 19.2K bps, Including the 3/4 Rates
  • Supports Multiple Character Lengths
  • Large 16K Bit Data Buffer
  • Allows the Connection of an Asynchronous Terminal (DTE) Unit to a Synchronous Modem
  • DB-25 Female Connectors for Interfacing to Your Terminal and Modem Equipment
  • Fully Rack Mountable
  • Internal Linear Power Supply with External 110/220V Switch
  • Housed in a sturdy Aluminum Enclosure

The 2012 is an RS-232, Full Duplex Asynchronous to Synchronous Interface that uses an Elastic buffer tosynchronize the async data with the sync clocks. This device will take asynchronous data with 5 to 8 data elements and a start and stop bit, and synchronize this data to the clock provided to the synchronous port. Synchronization is accomplished by buffering the async data in a 2048 byte FIFO to compensate for the sync clock rate being slower than the incoming async data. When the async data is slower than the sync clock rate, additional stop bits are added to the async data to compensate.

Baud Rate is switch selectable from 150bps through 19.2Kbps and 112.5bps through 14.4Kbps. Selection of the number of data bits is set with an options switch. The 2012 is designed to operate as a single sided device. This allows operation for isochronous (clocked asynchronous) and asynchronous devices to communicate through synchronous Modems. One hundred-ten or 220 Volt operation is provided by a convenient switch located on the rear panel of the 2012. Simply install the proper power plug for the country of use and select the proper line voltage and the unit is ready for operation.

The Model 2012 is available in both stand-alone subset or rackmountable versions.


Product Highlights

Applications: RS-232 Sync Modem to Async Terminal Conversion
Capacity: One Sync RS-232 Modem, One Async RS-232 Terminal



Data Format: Asynchronous to Synchronous, Standard 5 to 8 Data Bits
Data Rates: 150 to 19.2Kbps, 112.5 to 14.4Kbps
Data Interface: EIA RS-232-C
RS-232 Physical Interface: Two Female DB-25 Connectors
RTS to CTS Delay: 10 mS (optional)
Enclosure: Aluminum
Power Requirements: 100-120/200-240VAC, 50 to 60Hz, 0.16/0.08A, Switch Selectable
Approvals: UL, CSA & FCC Class A
Environmental: Oper Temp: 32? to 122?F (0? to 50?C), Rel Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing, Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet
Dimensions: Height: 1.75 in (4.44 cm), Width:8.90 in (22.60 cm), Length: 10.00 in (25.40 cm)
Weight: 2.25 lbs (1.02 Kg)


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