Patton Electronics 1094ARC
NetLink™, 1.152-Mbps, Rack-Mounted
 HDSL Modem

Patton Model 1094ARC
NetLink™, 1.152-Mbps, Rack-Mounted, HDSL Modem
This modem uses HDSL (high bit-rate digital subscriber line) 2B1Q technology to provide high speed two-wire connectivity for service providers and enterprise users.
  Features & Benefits
  • Supports multiple line rates from 144 kbps to 1.152 Mbps
  • DTE speeds from 64 kbps to 1.024Mbps in increments of 64 kbps
  • Standards-based support (CE Mark)
  • Available with internal 90—260 VAC or -48 VDC power supplies
  • Built-in loopback functionality
  • A variety of modular interfaces.

Supporting line rates from 144 kbps to 1.168 Mbps, the NetLink 1094A provides “megabyte” speeds for leased lines, LAN-to-LAN interconnections, and WAN access networks located up to 4.6 miles (7.3 km) apart (see distance table below).

The 1094ARC is the high density 2U-high rack card version of the NetLink HDSL modem (<1094A). Now service providers can cut costs and setup time by installing a rack-mounted Model 1094ARC at the central site while bundling a standalone Model 1094A with DSL service at the customer's premises. Convenient remote management capability enables engineers to quickly install or upgrade remote units. The 1094ARC and 1094A can be managed via SNMP/HTTP using Patton's 1001MC SNMP agent card!

As a symmetric modem, the NetLink 1094ARC HDSL modem uses 2B1Q modulation to provide the same data rates in both directions over a single pair of regular telephone lines. Featuring replaceable DCE-DTE interface modules, the NetLink HDSL modem can support a wide range of applications, including Ethernet LAN bridging, G.703/G.704 line extension/termination and V.24/RS-232, V.35, RS-422/530, and X.21 interfaces.




Ordering Information

Rear I/O Modules


1094ARC/A/B V.24/V.35, DB-25F/RJ-45


1094ARC/B/B RS-530, DB-25F/RJ-45
1094ARC/D/V X.21, DB-15F/RJ-45
1094ARC/C/O 64/128K, G.703, RJ-45/RJ-45
1094ARC/IA 10Base-T Ethernet RJ-45/RJ-45
1094ARC/K/K G.703/G.704 dual-BNC & RJ-45/RJ-45


Transmission: Synchronous, full-duplex, over one unconditioned twisted-pair (2 wires)
Line encoding: 2B1Q
DTE interface: See rear I/O modules (above)
Distances & line rates: See transmission distances table (above)
Local Management: Configurable via Model 1001MC card
Remote Management: SNMP configuration and management for local and remote modems via Model 1001MC Proxy Agent rack card; built-in HTTP server on Model 1001MC supports management via the Internet
Diagnostics: V.54 loops (LLB, RDL); V.52 compliant BER pattern generator and detector (511/511E)
Clocking: Internal, external, or receive recovered (network) clock


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1094A NetLink™, 1.152-Mbps, HDSL Modem