Patton 460RC/16/F Baluns - BlackBox MT243A Balun Panels 


Patton Electronics TeleMatch™ G.703 Balun Panel (75-Ohm to 120-Ohm) Modular Construction Lets You Add up to 16 Separate G.703 Balun Modules 

460RC/16/F MT243A MT1243A 
460F MT242A-F MT1243A-F

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Patton and Black Box  Ordering #'s:

460RC/16/F MT243A G.703 Balun Module Unit 
460F MT242A-F G.703 Balun (Dual BNC Female) MT1242A-F
460F MT242A-F-UK PX, G.703 BALUN 75/120 MT242A-F-UK MT1242A-F
460RC/F MT243C-F G.703 Balun Module 
460M MT242A-M G.703 Balun (Dual BNC Male) MT1242A-M 
460R/16 RM243A G.703 Balun Panel 

Features & Benefits 
Connects 75 ohm dual coax to 120 ohm twisted pair (or visa versa)

Bi-directional signal conversion according to CCITT G.703

Data rates up to 2.048 Mbps

Low profile design

Mounts in standard 19” (48.3 cm) Rack

No AC power or batteries required

Female coax BNC connectors

Strap-selectable modular (RJ-45) pinouts

The Patton Model 460RC TeleMatch G.703 rack mount balun panel lets you match the connectors, impedance and signal characteristics of up to 16 dual coax BNC connections (75 ohm) with up to 16 twisted pair connections (120 ohm). Operating in compliance with the CCITT G.703 specification, the Model 460RC occupies only 2U (3.5”/8.9 cm) of vertical rack space in a 19” (48.3 cm) rack—allowing for efficient multiport matching. 

What’s more, the Model 460RC is modular, meaning that each balun can be added separately. Purchase an entire panel fully populated with 16 balun modules (Model 460RC/16/F). Or purchase the chassis separately (Model 460R/16) and add balun modules (Model 460RC/F) as you need them! On individual twisted pair ports, shield-to-pin and shield-to-ground connections are strap selectable. So you are not locked into the same configuration for every balun in the panel. If you need to do multiple 75 ohm to 120 ohm conversions, the Model 460RC is definitely the way to go!