Patton Electronics 1186
NetLink™, Multi-Mode Fiber Modem for G.703 Extension

Patton Model 1186
NetLink™, Multi-Mode Fiber Modem for G.703 Extension
Use these low-cost fiber modems to connect equipment on a G.703 network that are located as much as 2.5 km (1.6 miles) apart.
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  Features & Benefits
  • Multi-mode transmission (850 nm) up to 1.6 miles (2.5 km) on one fiber
  • 2-Mbps G.703 (E1) operation
  • ITU-T CTR 12 (G.703) compliant
  • ST or SMA multi-mode fiber connector options
  • AMI and HDB3 line encoding option
  • 120-ohm (RJ-48) and 75-ohm (dual-coax) G.703 connectors
  • Local and remote loopback diagnostics
  • 511 and 511/E BER tests
  • Internal, external (G.703), and receive recover clocking
  • Rack cards fit into Model 1001 access rack system
  • CE marked.

Typically, customers who want to deliver data at 2-Mbps rates between their remotely located equipment have had to rely upon lease-line services provided by a PTT or Telco. Using the Model 1186, however, customers can extend the G.703 signals on their high speed multiplexers or cellular base stations using multi-mode fiber.

The NetLink Model 1186 Multi-Mode fiber modem is a low-cost alternative to leasing G.703 services when connecting remote locations. A pair of NetLink 1186s deliver 2.048 Mbps clear channel data across a single strand of multi-mode fiber at distances up to up to 2.5 km (1.6 miles), which makes the Model 1186 ideal for limited-distance applications (see diagram below).

Model 1186 Application Diagram

The 1186 provides 120-ohm (RJ-48) and 75-ohm (dual-coax) options for connecting the G.703 interface of a CSU/DSU, multiplexer, or base station. The modem sends AMI- or HDB3-encoded data over multi-mode fiber to the remote NetLink 1186.

ST or SMA fiber interfaces are available. The Model Model 1186 are also available as a rack card for use in Patton's NetLink 1001 2U rack chassis. The NetLink 1001 rack system provides dual-redundant AC and/or DC power options and includes all the features of the standalone units.

If you need single-mode capability, check out PATTON's Model 1193 modem. A pair of Model 1193s deliver 2.048 Mbps clear channel data across a single strand of single-mode fiber at distances up to up to 50 km (31 miles)! That’s five times farther than distances available over xDSL!

Ordering Information
Multi-Mode ST; G.703 dual-BNC and RJ-45
1186/SMA/UI Multi-Mode SMA; G.703 dual-BNC and RJ-45
1186RC/ST/xx Multi-Mode ST rack card; G.703 dual-BNC and RJ-45
1186RC/SMA/xx Multi-Mode SMA rack card; G.703 dual-BNC and RJ-45
*Power supply options (xx): UI = Universal interface 90—260 VAC; 120 = 120 VAC; 230 = 230 VAC; 48 = -48 VDC


Data rate: 2.048 Mbps
G.703 interface: RJ-48C (120-ohm) and dual-BNC (75-ohm)
Fiber interface: ST or SMA
Line coding: AMI or HDB3
Line framing: G.703 (unframed)
Clocking: Internal, external or receive recover
Optical transmitter: 850nm
Link budget: 7.5dB (62.5 microns) for 850nm
Coupled power:-0dBm
Diagnostics: Local/remote loop, 511 and 511 with intentional errors
Compliance: CE Mark, G.703, CTR 12
Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Power options: 120-240 VAC universal interface or -48 VDC


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