Patton Electronics 2010 & 2011
RS-232, Asynchronous to Synchronous
 Black Box Converters

Patton 2010 = Black Box IC920A
Patton 2011= Black Box IC558A

Patton Electronics Models 2010 & 2011
RS-232, Asynchronous to Synchronous Converters
Now Asynchronous Devices Can Access Synchronous Modems & Digital Networks
Model 2010
  Features & Benefits
  • Model 2010 Supports Data Rates from 150 bps to 19.2 kbps.
  • Model 2011 Supports Data Rates from 19.2 to 64 Kbps
  • Conforms to CCITT V.22 and V.14 Standards
  • Requires no AC Power or Batteries
  • Synchronous Data Rates are Adjusted Automatically
  • Small Size?Plugs Directly into Async or Sync RS-232 Port
  • Accepts External Clocking

The Patton Model 2010 and 2011 async to sync converters let asynchronous DTEs communicate over synchronous analog or digital connections. The Model 2010 supports data rates from 150 bps to 19.2 kbps. The Model 2011 supports data rates from 19.2 to 64 kbps. Both models plug directly into a local async terminal, PC or host and connect that DTE?via RS-232 cable?to a sync modem, mux or CSU/DSU. When the same set-up is installed on the remote end, the local and remote DTEs can communicate over the synchronous link. Drawing power from either the sync or async RS-232 interface, the Model 2010 and 2011 need no AC power or batteries for operation. Model 2010/2011 sync data rates are automatically adjusted to match the sync DCE output rate, so no data rate strapping is necessary. The Model 2010 and 2011 derive clocking externally from the synchronous DCE, and do not limit data block size. Characters may be up to 11 bits long.


Data Rates: Model 2010 - 150 bps to 19.2 kbps; Model 2011 -19.2 to 64 Kbps
Clocking: Provided by modem or multiplexer
Buffer: 4 bit RTS override feature empties buffers before dropping RTS, making the Model 2011 usable in a polling environment
Connectors: DB-25 female on asynchronous port, DB-25 male on synchronous port
Data Transmission: Full or half duplex
Temperature Range: 0-50?C (32-122?F)
Power Supply: None required; uses power from data and control signals
Dimensions: 3.2" x 2.0" x 0.75" (8.1 x 5.1 x 1.9 cm)
Weight: 2 oz. (56 grams)

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