Patton Electronics Models 510, 511, & 512
RJ-11, RJ-12, & RJ-45 Surge Protectors

Patton Models 510, 511, & 512
RJ-11, RJ-12, & RJ-45 Surge Protectors
4, 6 and 8 Wire Modular Surge Protectors for RS-232 and RS-422 Applications
  Features & Benefits
  • Model 510 Protects Four Wires on the RJ-11 Connector (Combined Surge Handling of 2400 Watts)
  • Model 511 Protects Six Wires on the RJ-12 Connector (Combined Surge Handling of 3600 Watts)
  • Model 512 Protects Eight Wires on the RJ-45 Connector (Combined Surge Handling of 4800 Watts)
  • Heavy Braided Ground Strap Diverts Surge Energy to Frame Ground
  • Clamping at 18 Volts for RS-232 and 7.5 Volts for RS-422
  • ?Fail Safe? Design Guards Hardware in Case of Severe Surge

The Patton EPG Model 510, 511 and 512 surge protectors let you choose 4, 6 or 8 wire protection for either an RS-232 or RS-422 modular interface. These ultra-miniature protectors fit almost anywhere and handle transient surges up to 600 watts per wire. Harmful surge energy is diverted safely to chassis ground using a built-in braided metal strap. Should these protectors encounter a severe surge above their rated capacity, they will divert all voltages to ground. This means that the surge protector will "sacrifice itself" to protect the network.


Important Information

When ordering a Model 510, 511 or 512, we ask you to provide us with two pieces of vital information:

  1. Whether your application is 4-wire (RJ-11), 6-wire (RJ-12) or 8-wire (RJ-45)
  2. Whether your application is RS-232 (clamps at 18V) or RS-422 (clamps at 7.5V)


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