Patton Electronics 1225 ParaLink
Self-Powered, Parallel, Black Box Line Driver
ME190 ME191 ME192 ME193

Patton Model 1225 ParaLink
Self-Powered, Parallel, Line Driver
Talk to a Parallel Printer up to 2000 Feet Away Over 2 Wires
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
1225TM ME190A  Parallel Line Driver - T 
1225CRM ME191A  Parallel Line Driver - R 
1225TMRJ11 ME192A  Parallel Line Driver - T (RJ11)
1225CRMRJ11 ME193A  Parallel Line Driver - R (RJ11)


  Features & Benefits
  • Extends Parallel Communication to 2000 Feet (610m) Over a Single Twisted Pair
  • Interface Powered?No AC Needed
  • Switchable ACK / BUSY Handshaking Enhances Printer Compatibility
  • Accommodates "Low Power" Printer Interfaces
  • DB-25 or Centronics Connectors
  • Works with Most Parallel Printers and Printer Sharing Devices
  • RJ-11, RJ-45 or Terminal Block Twisted Pair Connection

The Patton Model 1225 ParaLink? answers a common office complaint: "Why can't we move our printer further away?" Using surface mount technology, the interface-powered ParaLink converts parallel signals to serial and transmits them up to 2000 feet (610m) before converting them back to parallel. This overcomes the inherent distance limitations of parallel communication! What's more, the ParaLink transmits over a single pair of wires: No more bulky 25 or 36 conductor cables. Because the ParaLink lets you choose between BUSY and ACKNOWLEDGE handshaking modes, it is compatible with most parallel printers and sharing devices on the market.


Interface: Centronics? / IBM Parallel (DB-25)
Data Rate: 5 kbps (parallel) / 40 Kbps (serial)
Range: Up to 2000 feet (610m)
Transmit Line: One unconditioned twisted pair (2 wires)
Transmit Mode: Half duplex
Line Connection: RJ-11 or RJ-45 jack or 2 position terminal post and a strain relief
Interface Signals: Data bits 0-7, ground, busy or acknowledge (external switch selectable)
Power Supply: Interface powered, no AC power or batteries required
Dimensions: 2.67"L x 2.10"W x 0.74"H (6.7 x 5.3 x 1.88 cm)

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