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GDC is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-speed network access equipment for carriers and service providers, governments and commercial end-users worldwide. 

GDC manufactures and markets a broad range of advanced NEBS-compliant network access products including: IP Transport and Switching, Integrated Access Devices to Consolidate Bandwidth Requirements, Universal xDSL Access Systems to Extend the Copper Loop , Modems/CSUs/DSUs for Secure, High Speed Remote Access, Frame Relay Probes for Service Level Verification, and SNMP-based Network Management Systems.

GDC products are known in the industry as "Telco Tough" because they are manufactured to stringent standards for reliability, interoperability and serviceability. The NEBS-compliance of our products is a key advantage, not only for GDC's carrier and service provider customers, but also for operators of mission-critical government and enterprise networks.

Product Categories And Links

GDC Cabinets, Enclosures, Shelves and Power Supplies

    GDC EP-6 Cabinet
GDC EP-5 Cabinet 
GDC EP-1B Cabinet
GDC SpectraComm 2000
DC RA 1000
GDC Mulitpak
GDC Universal System Shelf
GDC DataComm DS Series
GDC Dual DATX Series
GDC Tripak
GDC DataComm 24 / 48 VDC
GDC GPS-11 DPS-11 Power Supplies
Other Power Supplies

SpectraComm Modems and CSU/DSUs

   SpectraComm High Density Shelf
    SpectraComm SC 2000
SpectraComm SC 5000

GDC IP Transport & Switching 

    SpectraComm IP LAN-X
    SpectraComm IP
    SpectraComm IP E1
    SpectraComm IP G.SHDSL
    SpectraComm ES
    SpectraComm ADT

GDC CSU/DSUs   DDS Narrowband

    GDC DeskTop 56/64 DSU
    GDC DeskTop-56 DSU
    GDC DeskTop 500A Universal Rate DSU
    GDC DDS All Rate DSU
    GDC SpectraComm Modems and CSU/DSUs
    GDC NMS 510 Series Adaptive Universal Rate Diagnostic Data Service Unit
    GDC NMS 520 Series Premier Network-Managed, Universal Rate Data Service Units

GDC T3/T1/Wideband 

    GDC DataComm 554 T1 / FT1 DSU/CSU
    GDC Desktop 554A T1 / FT1 DSU/CSU
    GDC DeskTop 554S: SNMP T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU
    GDC DeskTop-T1 DSU/CSU
    GDC SpectraComm Modems and CSU / DSUs

   Why Use  External T1 CSU/DSU Since Integrated Options Are Available?

GDC InnovX Family of Enterprise Products 

    GDC InnovX? Innovx Family Brochure
    GDC InnovX? InnovX FastRoute T1
    GDC InnovX? InnovX FastSwitch 9/18
    GDC InnovX? InnovX FastSwitch 24
    GDC InnovX? InnovX Family of International Products
    GDC DataComm Blade Adapter
    GDC InnovX? Frame Relay Access Products
    GDC InnovX? Frame Relay WAN Interface Probe
    Innovx? Frame Relay Product Overview PDF


GDC InnovX NET PATH Products

    GDC InnovX? NetPath DSLAM-48
    GDC InnovX? NetPath VPN Router with 100 Tunnels
    GDC InnovX? NetPath VPN Router with 32 Tunnels
    GDC InnovX? NetPath SOHO Solution for Wireless Networks

GDC Modems 

    gdc datacomm v.f 28.8/33.6 high speed v.34 data modem
    GDC DeskTop V.F. 28.8 High Speed Dial/Private Line Modem with Automatic Dial Restore
    GDC SpectraComm Modems and CSU/DSUs
    GDC PC-202 1200bps Private Line Modems
    GDC DeskTop 202 1800 bps Private Line Modem
    GDC DataComm 202T 1200/1800 bps Private Line Modem

GDC Multiplexers  GDC Access Multiplexer: Metroplex 6000

    GDC Metroplex 6000: Super Intelligent Access Multiplexer
    GDC Metroplex 6000/E1 Global Access Multiplexer

GDC Multiplexers  GDC Bandwidth Manager: TMS/OCM 

    GDC TMS-3000 Internetworking Platform
    GDC OCM-1000 Hybrid Access Networking Device
    GDC OCM-2000 Hybrid Access Networking Device
    Turbo Data Digital Compression
    CELP Voice Channel Modules

GDC SpectraComm Integrated T3/T1/DDS/IP Access System 

    GDC SpectraComm Modems and CSU / DSUs
    GDC SpectraComm LAN-X
    GDC SpectraComm IP
    GDC SpectraComm IP E1
    GDC SpectraComm IP G.SHDSL
    GDC SpectraComm ES
    GDC SpectraComm ADT
    SpectraComm 521: Line-By-Line Alternatives 

TEAM Network Management 

    TEAM Network Management: GDC SNMP/HP OpenView Solutions

UAS (Universal xDSL Access System)

    Universal Access System
    UAS 7000 Series

GDC SCADA White Paper  GDC Implementations for Securing Distributed Control System (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Networks

Why Use  External T1 CSU/DSU Since Integrated Options Are Available?

GDC and Traffic Signal Management Systems

GDC Product Inventory

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