GDC SpectraComm ES
SCES Ethernet Switch

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GDC SpectraComm ES
Fast Switched Scaleable Ethernet Connectivity to Remote LANS

SC Ethernet Switch Highlights

NEBS-compliant ethernet switching for applications where high-quality, high-reliability, security and low cost are needed.

Scalable 10/100Mbps connectivity in 9- or 18-port increments, using the existing infrastructure.

Ideal for remote LAN access applications when used with its companion product, the SpectraComm IP static router, or any other bridge/router device.

Flexible and secure management options.


The SpectraComm Ethernet Switch provides fast ethernet connectivity for internal networks, allowing a Carrier to efficiently and securely manage LAN-attached equipment. As part of the GDC SpectraComm family of products, SpectraComm Ethernet Switches offer the high reliability and NEBS safety required in Carrier environments. SC-ES can be deployed as a replacement to legacy hubs or in new installations where fast ethernet switching is desired.

Network Performance

SpectraComm ethernet switches (SC-ES) are a cost-effective means of dramatically increasing network performance.  SC-ES reduces collisions and eases congestion problems on existing shared-hub networks. Unnecessary network traffic is eliminated as SC-ES delivers dedicated bandwidth for each of the ports. 9-Port and 18-Port Models

SC-ES 9-Port is a single-width, 7-inch by 9.5-inch Spectra- Comm card with nine RJ45 ports. SC-ES -18 Port is a double-width, 7-inch by 9.5-inch SpectraComm card with 18 ports. SC-ES can operate as a standalone switch or, for greater port density, can employ one or two ports as a logical uplink to another switch/hub device.

Secure and Managed

SC-ES switches can be monitored and managed using standard protocols, including Telnet, SNMP, and HTTP (web).  Local management via a craft interface is also provided.  Management access to the unit is multi-level, password protected with the additional support of inactivity timers.  For additional security during periods of heightened alert, SNMP and web access may be disabled.


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