GDC SpectraComm IP G.SHDSL
076P034-002: SpectraComm G.SHDSL: 1 Loop (4.6 Mbps)
076M034-002: SpectraComm G.SHDSL: 1 Loop (4.6 Mbps) w/ modem

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076P034-002      076M034-002

Extending the Reach of IP Connectivity


• Increased revenues and service offerings
• Low-cost and highly reliable transparent Ethernet over DSL
• Extended reach without the need for repeaters
• Supports scalable high performance LAN via standard 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
• Transports data at rates up to 4.6Mbps using G.shdsl
• Telco-tough NEBS Level III-compliant packaging for Central Office sites
• Flexible packaging for remote sites


As Carriers and PTTs expand their use of equipment in their networks, the 100-meter distance limitation of standard Ethernet can become an issue. By extending the LAN over longer distances, the network architecture can be simplified and the need for expensive routers is eliminated.  LAN extension can be accomplished with GDC's SCIP G.s which offers access solutions for LAN-attached IP devices over 2-wire copper DSL loops. LAN Extension (LAN-X) between floors or between buildings using DSL technology
allows timely installation and management of services over existing facilities.

Figure 2 and Figure 3 show SCIP-G.s extending management in typical Carrier networks.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Carriers have an opportunity to quickly increase revenues by offering new managed Broadband Services to small-to medium enterprise customers at scalable speeds up to 4.6 Mbps per single copper pair. Each SCIP-G.s unit comes equipped with two 10/100Base-T ports for connection to customer equipment. For applications requiring scalable Ethernet connections, the SpectraComm Ethernet Switch, companion product to the SCIP-G.s, can be deployed in 9 or 18 port increments.

Figure 4 shows the SCIP-G.s used to offer new Broadband services to customers at minimal Carrier expense.

Scaleable and Flexible Connectivity

The NEBS Level III compliant SCIP-G.s can be deployed in the 2-slot SpectraComm 2000 shelf and, for higher density applications, the 16-slot SpectraComm 5000 shelf. For standalone, non-NEBS CPE applications a SC-IP-G.s installs just as easily in the single-slot standalone enclosures: SC 1001 (AC-powered) or SC 1002 (DC-powered).  The SCIP-G.s, as part of the SpectraComm family of products,
is designed for installation in any GDC shelf or enclosure, this “SpectraCommonality” means reduced sparing
requirements and more flexible inventories (Figure 1).


Any SpectraComm device can be co-located in the shelf with SCIP-G.s cards, providing a unified, flexible, managed shelf environment that is scalable to the Carrier's network requirements.

Out-of-Band Management Between Floors

The SpectraComm IP-G.s allows Carriers to manage equipment when extended network distances are required between floors. The SCIP-G.shdsl units "bridge" the LANs together on each floor, effectively creating a single IP network.  The distance between SCIP-G.s units at 4.6 Mbps (2-wires) can be as much as 8000 ft. This far exceeds the 300 ft (100m) limitation of standard Ethernet. LAN equipment is connected
at 10 or 100 Mbps using standard 10/100Base-T IEEE 802.3 Ethernet.

Connectivity Options

SCIP-G.s offers several options when connectivity required outside or beyond the building location:
• SCIP-G.s at 4.6 Mbps up to 8000 ft (2438 meters) on existing copper.
• SCIP-G.s at 768 Kbps, up to 18,500 ft (5639 meters) on existing copper
• SCIP Ethernet connected to any standard bridge/router

IP Provisioning

Out-of-Band management can be conducted with or without the SCIP-G.s requiring an IP address.
• For non-managed applications, SCIP-G.s can be installed without IP addresses.
• For managed neworks where management access may be via Telnet or via web browser, SCIP-G.s units can be installed with IP addresses.
• For installations within a building requiring management of multiple IP networks, one or more SCIP-G.s
devices configured for router mode operation can be installed.

Figure 2 above shows SCIP-G.s extending out-of-band management in a typical “between floors” Carrier network application.

Out-of-Band Management to Carrier Remote Sites

The SpectraComm IP-G.s extends LANs at the central and remote sites creating a single IP network where one end is local and the other is a remote tail circuit. Connections at remote sites are made using standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet equipment at 10/100Base-T. 

SCIP-G.s can be deployed with or without IP addresses based on your management preference. If a location
requires redundancy, two pairs of SCIP-G.s units can be installed using GDC's Safe LAN-X option.  When enabled in the SCIP-G.s, the standards-based Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) allows the automatic redirection of LAN traffic between primary and secondary circuit paths whenever network or link failures occur. Spanning Tree Protocol also eliminates network loops which can cause outages.

In addition to the two Ethernet connection ports, the SCIPG. s is also equipped with eight terminal server ports that allow remote access to legacy (craft) equipment. When equipped with the optional V.90 integral modem, SCIP-G.s is capable of providing a backup management path.  Figure 3 shows SCIP-G.s extending out-of-band management to Ethernet-connected devices at Carrier remote sites.

Broadband Service Offering Increased Revenue

SCIP-G.s in LAN-X mode can be used to offer new Broadband Service Offerings to Carrier’s customers, increasing revenues with minimal carrier expense. At Carrier Provisioning locations, the SCIP-G.s is installed in the high-density Telco-tough SC 5000 shelf. At customer locations, CPE equipment is installed in the SC 1001 or SC 1002 standalone enclosure and is up and passing data right out of the box, with little to no configuration required (Figure 3).

The symmetrical bandwidth of G.shdsl makes this the right choice for small-to-medium enterprise customers. Each customer can be served at speeds up to 4.6 Mbps on a single loop (2-wire), to distances of 8,000 ft. For users who require speeds of 768 Kbps or less, distances in excess of 18,000 ft can be achieved. LAN connections at the customer sites will use standard 10/100B-T, based on IEEE 802.3

Customer premise SCIP-G.s units can be remotely managed by the service provider. This can generate incremental monthly revenue through software upgrades, feature enhancements, and re-configuration for new service offerings (such as fractional line rates), all performed from the central site.  In addition, Diagnostics are available for quick troubleshooting and resolution of customer problems.  Figure 4 shows SCIP-G.s in LAN-X mode, offering Broadband services to Carrier Customers.

SCIP-G.s Management Interfaces

SC-IP configuration is managed through SMART CLI, an interactive command line interface, or through graphical user interface (GUI) web screens. Through these interfaces, an authorized user can monitor or configure any SC-IP in the network from a terminal or Telnet connection or through any popular web browser.

Secure Access and Protection

Management access at CLI and web interfaces is protected by several SCIP-G.s security features:
• User- and Supervisor-level password protection authorizes every access attempt.
• Inactivity logoff prevents hacks through ‘left on’ equipment.
• Enable/Disable of SNMP, HTTP, and TFTP services deters hacking through these protocols.
• Enable/Disable management traffic, by interface.

SMART CLI Features

General DataComm’s SMART CLI has a look and feel that will be familiar to most field personnel, with the benefit of several enhancements over most standard CLIs, such as:
• Recognition and auto-expansion of abbreviated commands and sub-commands.
• Auto-prompts for required command arguments.
• General help at the command prompt.
• Context-sensitive help at the command string.
• Command line recall for easy re-entry or review of previous commands.
• Advanced utility for generating downloadable ASCII configuration files as batch scripts.
• SCIP-G.s upgrades via TFTP downloads of software versions and configuration data.
• Command entry from a Telnet or terminal connection, or using a standard browser.

Web-Based Management

The SCIP-G.s integral HTTP server provides password protected access to easy-to-use webscreens.  Authorized users can monitor or change SC-IP configuration and operation parameters in a streamlined logical graphical user interface using any popular web browser.

Centralized and Versatile Options

Figure 5 illustrates SCIP-G.s centralized management in the Carrier’s network.

From the central site, SCIP-G.s can be accessed via a craft connection from a VT100-compatible terminal, via a Telnet connection, or via a web interface.  The maximum number of concurrent management sessions
is determined by your workstation capabilities.

076P034-002: SpectraComm G.SHDSL: 1 Loop (4.6 Mbps)
076M034-002: SpectraComm G.SHDSL: 1 Loop (4.6 Mbps) w/ modem

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