GDC SpectraComm IP LAN-X

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GDC SpectraComm IP LAN-X
Extending IP Connectivity with SCIP LAN-X

SC IP LAN-X Highlights

• A powerful technology is now available from General DataComm to help Carriers reduce costs while expanding their internal IP networks, increasing revenues and providing a high margin IP service offering. SCIP LAN-X extends the reach of IP connectivity with value-added features and benefits:
• Increases revenues and service offerings
• Reduces hardware and network maintenance costs
• Simplifies installations and network management
• Low-cost and highly reliable transparent Ethernet LAN over standard T1 / FT1, E1/FE1, DDS or xDSL circuits.
• Supports scalable high performance LAN via standard 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
• Provides full redundancy and loop elimination with standards-based Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
• Telco-tough NEBS Level III-compliant packaging for Central Office sites
• Reduced power consumption
• Flexible packaging for remote sites


As Carriers and PTTs expand and provision the use of equipment in their networks, the 100-meter distance limitation of standard Ethernet can become an issue. By extending the LAN over longer distances, the network architecture can be simplified and the need for expensive routers is eliminated.  GDC's SCIP LAN-X offers out-of-band management solutions for LAN-attached IP devices over standard FT1/T1, E1/FE1, DDS or xDSL circuits. LAN extension between floors or between buildings uses the
available digital technology for timely installation and management of services over existing facilities. This same technology can be used to offer transparent LAN services (TLS) to customers as a new TLS service offering.

Scaleable and Flexible Connectivity

As part of the SpectraComm family of products, NEBS Level III compliant SCIP LAN-X is designed for installation in any GDC shelf or enclosure: the 2-slot SC2000 shelf or, for higher density applications, the 16-slot SC5000 shelf.  For standalone, non-NEBS CPE applications, a SCIP LANX installs just as easily in single-slot SC1001/1002 standalone enclosures. Any SpectraComm device can be colocated in the shelf with SCIP LAN-X, comprising a unified, flexible, managed shelf environment that is scalable to
the Carrier's network requirements. This “SpectraCommonality” means reduced sparing requirements and more flexible inventories


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