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Effectively employing networking technology has become a key factor in developing a successful business.  Communications networks have emerged as valuable assets that generate revenue and provide competitive advantage.  General DataComm has helped many of the world's largest Enterprises harness the power of networking. Electronic channels of commerce have been established, and reliable public and private communication links are essential to any organization's survival. GDC's full range of products and services can support this growing network challenge.

Family of Access Solutions

GDC has developed and introduced the InnovX family of products for use in Enterprise applications.  GDC's new InnovX family of products deliver high quality, security and flexible features typically found only in PTT products for use in Enterprise environments. In most cases, InnovX uses common blades for installation in enclosures ranging from a single-blade standalone to a high-density,
16 - blade rackmount enclosure. This flexible approach simplifies network deployment and dramatically reduces costs associated with network maintenance and sparing. Fig 1


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