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Why Use External CSU/DSU?

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GDC Paper:
Why Use External CSU/DSU 's?


In addition to traditional standalone CSU/DSU solutions, routers with an integral CSU/DSU are available.  Integrated CSU/DSU functionality initially might appear to be a good choice, i.e., having one integrated unit instead of two functional units may provide certain reliability advantages.

It might be thought that having the CSU/DSU integrated into the router will:

1.    Provide a lower cost than comparable separate CSU/DSU devices
2.    Eliminate a potential point of failure in the network, namely, the cabling required to connect an external CSU/DSU to a router
3.    Save rack space at a central site, and reduce two boxes to one at remote sites

However, while these benefits appear good, there are other factors that require consideration.  This paper will discuss that, depending on the application, integrated approaches do not necessarily save money or eliminate points of failure.


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