GDC PC-202 1200bps Private Line Modems

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GDC PC-202 1200bps Private Line Modems 053ACDN-202


• Leading-edge design technology, ensuring easy installation and operation
• Simple options selection without any complicated programming
• Custom VLSI technology yields superior performance and reliability


The PC-202 modem card is designed for use in a PC ISA card slot and will be detected by the system as a simple “COM PORT” module. The PC-202 card can be configured through dip jumpers to respond to COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4, as well as generating interrupts on IRQ 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10. The card also has the circuitry to generate a unique 48 bits serial number.


General DataComm’s PC-202 modem combines the functionality of Bell-compatible, 1200 bps private line communications with a practical, low profile design that fits into any PC supporting ISA standards. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can now bring you a compact, efficient modem that is both economical to own and simple to operate.

Superior Performance

The PC-202 is the perfect choice of asynchronous transmission in both point-to-point and multipoint applications. Custom Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) provides advanced features while maintaining the best price performance available.  Optimum data throughput is ensured by a sophisticated compromise equalizer, for immunity to impairments normally encountered with unconditioned voice grade facilities. And the anti-streaming timer protects against the potential disruption caused by faulty, “streaming” terminals.

Easy to Use

Simple installation, setup and use were primary considerations behind the design of the PC-202. So installation is fast and uncomplicated. In addition, GDC’s experience ensures the modem meets operating requirements for the widest range of applications without difficult programming procedures.  The PC-202 options are set using a jumper bank to simplify configuration. Bringing up a network can be difficult, GDC simplified matters.

Powerful Diagnostics

A comprehensive array of diagnostic test on the PC-202 provides accurate detection of system faults and helps to quickly restore service.  All tests can be initiated from a diagnostic selection register, which can be controlled by your terminal software.

Modification Requests

General DataComm will gladly accommodate any modification request of the PC-202 to meet specific communication needs,
such as lottery terminals, Point-of-Sale and alarm monitoring. Modification costs and delivery schedule are submitted for review and approval.

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