GDC DataComm DS Series

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GDC DataComm DS Series

DataComm DS Series The DataComm DS Series shelves accept up to 16 rackmount DataComm access devices at a range of data rates for cost-effective, flexible analog or digital access. They provide 483 mm
(19 in.) of horizontal and 267 mm (10.5 in.) of vertical mounting space in a 343 mm (13.5 in.) deep space, enabling easy mounting in any standard 483 mm (19-in.) cabinet. Up to six DS Series shelves can be housed in an EP-6 cabinet for high density applications.

A flexible range of AC and DC models include the DS-1 (117 VAC); DS-100 (100VAC); DS-220 (220 VAC); DS-240 (240VAC); and DS-5/DS-6 (48 VDC, redundant or non-redundant). For improved reliability, the AC powered shelves feature a power supply compartment with four transformers, each distributing power to four adjacent shelf slots. Powering in the DC versions is via one or two modules (the DPS-7A for the DS-5 and DPS-9 for the DS-6). Since one DPS-7A power supply is capable of supporting a completely loaded shelf, two modules allow for the added insurance of redundant powering in DC voltage environments. The DS Series has 16 DB-25 female EIA/TIA-232-E business machine connectors and 16 DB-25 male telephone/line connectors. Each shelf slot also contains a 6-position switched network/private line terminal strip and an 8-
position keyed modular jack for line connections. All connectors are easily accessible from the rear, for easy installation and maintenance.

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