Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a set of communications standards that enables a single wire (or optical fibre) to carry voice, data, and video. It gives a user up to 56K of data bandwidth on a phone line (when also used for voice) or up to 128 Kbps if the line is only used for data.  There are two types of ISDN:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) -- consists of two 64-Kbps B-channels and one D-channel for transmitting control information.
Primary Rate Interface (PRI) -- consists of 23 B-channels and one D-channel (U.S.) or 30 B-channels and one D-channel (Europe).

The original version of ISDN employs baseband transmission. Another version, called B-ISDN, uses broadband transmission and is able to support transmission rates of 1.5 Mbps. B-ISDN requires fiber optic cables and is not widely available.  Most recently, ISDN service has largely been displaced by broadband internet service, such as xDSL and Cable Modem service. These services are faster, less expensive, and easier to set up and maintain than ISDN.  Still, ISDN has its place, as backup to dedicated lines, and in locations where broadband service is not yet available.

Data Connect Enterprise offers a full range of ISDN Products

Adtran ISDN Network Termination
NetVanta ISDN BRI Dial Backup Module 1200865L1
ADTRAN ATLAS 800 Series Octal BRI/U Module 1200186L2 DACPJFLBAA
ADTRAN ATLAS 550 Quad BRI Module 1200315L1 DACPZ10BAA
Adtran BR1/10 - ISDN Access Shelf
ADTRAN ATLAS 550 Quad BRI 'S/T' Module 1200764L1
Adtran IQ 710 ISDN BRI Dial Backup Module 1204004L2
ADTRAN ATLAS 800 Series Octal S/T BRI Module 1200343L1
Adtran Dial Backup Modules DBU
Adtran IQ 710 ISDN PRI Dial Backup Module 1204008L2
Adtran ISDN Access
Adtran V.34 DBU Module 1204002L2 DDS3RL7AAA
Adtran ISDN Accessories 1200120L1 1200072L1
Adtran Express 3000 1203153L2 NDNTPSO1AA
ADTRAN Total Access 750 850 1500 Single U-BR1TE UBR1TE UBRITE 1180020L1 SIC2XY0KAA
ADTRAN TSU NxDBU Plug-in Module 1200158L1#HS DDS2CA8AAAA
Adtran BR1/10 19" Chassis 1150119L1 D4ME9B02RA
ATLAS 550 Video Switch 4200305L2
Adtran ISU 128 U-Interface RM 1200087L1 NDNTGB01AA
Adtran Smart 16 16e Units
Adtran Express 3010 1200239L1 NDNTPS81AA
Adtran NT1 ACE4 1200242L1 NDMMLPJ1RA
Adtran NT1 ACE3 1200236L1 NDMMLMJ1RA
Adtran ISU 512 S/T Interface 1202086L3
Adtran NT1 ACE 1203019L1 NDNTAAT1AA
Adtran ISU 512 U-Interface 1202086L1 NDPMHHOEAA
Adtran ISU 512 U-Interface w/ Cables 4202086L1
Adtran ISU 128 U-Interface 1202029L2 NDNTDF01AA
Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Modem-16 Module 1200181L1 DACPLJ0BAA
ADTRAN TSU Dual U-BR1TE Plug-in Module 1200107L1#HS DDC2ECOAAA
Adtran TSU Dual U-BR1TE Plug-on Module 1200108L1 DDC2FCCAAA
Adtran TSU ESP Ethernet 4200169L1
Adtran ISDN
Adtran TSU ESP 1200169L1 DDS3WT0AAA
Adtran DSU CSU
Adtran Smart 16 16e Accessories
Adtran DSU IV ESP 1204011L1 DDS3PKCAAA
Adtran DSU IV ESP Ethernet 4204011L1
ADTRAN Total Access 1500 23 Inch Chassis 1180001L1 VAMMKJ0GRA
Adtran Routers
Adtran DDS, DSU-CSU, 56-64-T1.htm
ADTRAN Network Equipment Product Page Channel Banks, DSU/CSU, Netvanta T1 Routers, Atlas
Adtran Frame Relay
ADTRAN T1 Multiplexers Optional dial backup 4-wire Switched 56, ISDN
Adtran ISU 2x64 (U-Interface) 1200051L1 NDNTEC01AA
Adtran ISU 2x64 (U-Interface) w/ Cables 4200051L1
Adtran Low-cost T1 / FT1 DSU/CSU
Adtran ISU 2x64 (U-Interface) RM 1200074L1 NDNTKC01AA
Adtran ISU 512e U-Interface 1203086L1 NDPMHHJEAA
Adtran 3305 Dual Slot Dual Ethernet Access Router
Adtran ATLAS 890 IAD 4200321L1 4200321L2 4200321L3 4200321L4
ATLAS 830 Base Unit 8 Slot IAD AC 1200780L1 DC 1200781L1
Adtran IQ 710 IQ710 Frame Relay Traffic Management
ADTRAN ATLAS 550 1200305L2 IAD E1 1200306L2 T1 1200550L2
Adtran DSU/CSU part numbers
Adtran 3200 T1 Access Routers 4200862L1


Patton ISDN
Remote Access Server RAS
Patton SN1200/2VL/UI
Patton SN1200/2VIL/UI
Patton SN4552/2BIS/EUI
Patton Electronics SmartNode VoIP Interface Card IC-4BRV Card 4 ISDN BRI Interfaces
Patton SN1400/4VL/UI
Patton SN1400/4VIL/UI
Patton SN2300/4BRVIL/UI
Patton SN2300/4BRV4FXSIL/UI
Patton SN2300/8BRVIL/UI
Patton Electronics SmartNode Interface Card IC-E1V
Patton Electronics 2960/24 24-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 552 Telco Line Surge Protectors Dial-Up, Leased-Line, DDS, T1/E1, ISDN
Patton Electronics 2977 PCI RAS Cards (Formerly Digi)
Patton Electronics VoIP ToIP Products SmartNode VoIP Gateway Routers
Patton Electronics 3120 96- or 120-port, V.92 V.110 V.90 ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 2996/120 120-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 2960/16 16-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 2960/30 30-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 2960/60 60-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton Electronics 2996/96 2996 96-Port, V.92/V.110/V.90/ISDN, Dial-Up Remote Access Server RAS
Patton 2996/96 RAS Remote Access Server 96 Port 2996/96R/RUI ISP Dial Up
Patton Electronics Model 3324 DSL Concentrator / Switch
Patton Electronics 1058 12.5 Mbps VDSL Voice and Data Modem
Patton Electronics SmartNode 2300 Modular VoIP Access Router
DataFire RAS
Patton Electronics SmartNode 2400 Modular VoIP Media Gateway
Patton Electronics 1068 DSL Modem Variable Rate VDSL Modems
Patton Electronics SmartNode 1200 ISDN BRI VoIP Media Gateway
Patton RAS
Patton Electronics SmartNode 1400 Multi-Port BRI VoIP Media Gateway
Patton Electronics SmartNode 4110 VoIP ToIP Gateway Access Device SN4112 SN4114 SN4116 SN4118
Patton Electronics SmartNode 4520 Gateway Router VoIP ToIP SN4524 SN4526 SN4528 SN4524 SN4528


Motorola ISDN
Codex Modems Mux
Motorola UDS Modems and CSU / DSU
Telenetics Products
Motorola RM16M 16 slot Rack Shelf Enclosure
Adtran 3200 T1 Access Routers 4200862L1
UDS Motorola
UDS Motorola Refurbished DSU CSU Used Modems Discounted and in Stock 
Discounted prices on Used UDS Modem  - Used Motorola Modem


Verilink ISDN
VeriLink 3000 Series 2/4ABA IAD
VeriLink 3000 Series 2/4ABB IAD
Verilink 6104i 6504i IAD VoATM ADSL SHDSL 4 ISDN BRI Ports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Verilink Miniplex Multichannel System Products
"Verilink XPP 6000 8000 9000"Verilink Larscom Access-T
Verilink Miniplex 2N1 Universal Digital Channel Unit
Verilink Miniplex 4N1 UDC
VeriLink 6000 IADs VoIP VoATM TDM
Verilink Miniplex 2N1 V8 UDC
VeriLink Larscom eRouter-200


RAD WEB RANger Internet Access Routers
RAD IMX-64 Inverse Multiplexer 
RAD APD-8 8-Channel FRAD/X.25 PAD
RAD IMX-2 Inverse Multiplexer and Leased Line Backup Unit
RAD APS-8, APS-16, APS-24 8-, 16-, 24-Channel Multiprotocol FRADs/PADs and Switches
RAD ITA-703 Rate and Interface Converter
RAD MAXcess-30 Bandwidth Manager for Frame Relay and Leased Lines
RAD FCD-IP E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router 
RAD FCD-IPM E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Modular Access Device with Integrated Router
RAD SPS-3S Multiprotocol Packet Switches
RAD SPS-6, SPS-12 Multiprotocol Packet Switches 
RAD MAXcess-300 Bandwidth Managers for Frame Relay and Leased Lines
RAD LA-140 Advanced ATM Integrated Access Device
RAD FCD-E1I E1 or Fractional E1 Access Unit with S Interface
RAD LA-104 High Speed ATM Integrated Access Device
RAD LA-104 High Speed ATM Integrated Access Device
RAD TRE16-1, TRE16-8 Single Link Token Ring Remote Access Routers 
RAD MBE10-8 Single or Dual Link Ethernet Remote Access Router
RAD IPmux-1 IPmux-1E TDMoIP Gateway
RAD MAXcess-3000 Bandwidth Manager for Frame Relay and Leased Lines 
RAD Megaplex-2200 Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers
RAD DXC-STM-1 Multiservice Access Node and Add-Drop Multiplexer
RAD WEB RANger-II Internet Access Routers
RAD Kilomux-2100, Kilomux-2104 Data, Voice, Fax and LAN Integrating Multiplexers
RAD Vmux-110 Voice Trunking Gateway
RAD Megaplex-2100H Frame Relay/TDM/IP Access Multiplexer
RAD DXC-30E Enhanced xDSL Multiservice Access Node
RAD DXC-8R, DXC-10A, DXC-30 Multiservice Access Nodes
RAD Megaplex-2100, Megaplex-2104 Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers


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