Motorola UDS Rack / Chassis

Motorola RM16M 16 slot Rack / Shelf / Enclosure

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The Versatile Motorola RM16M 16 slot enclosure

Whether using dial or lease line modems with restoral, DSU/CSU's or ISDN, the RM16M is the right choice. Power options include 115 VAC, -48 VDC, 230 VAC; RJ45 or Mass Termination in a rack mount solution, the RM16M shelf is THE product of choice.

Motorola can provide you with the correct solution to your Rack Mount requirements in a simple, easy to use rack system. Whether you need V.3600 modems, FT100 dual port T1 DSU, or a UTA 220 ISDN card, there is a rack to fit your requirements.

(Shown without a power supply)

The RM16M shelf is the ideal 16 slot enclosure for all your transmission product requirements. This enclosure features modular, redundant power supplies, multiple backplane configurations and the ability to mount it in either a 19" or a 23" (19" or 23' wide by 7.25" tall by 10" deep) cabinet using a reversible bracket. It supports the following Motorola  transmission products: V.3229, V.3400, V,3600 analog modems, UTA 220 ISDN TA, MR64 DSU/CSU, and FT100 T1-Fract. T1 DSU/CSU.


The Model 1 enclosure is a 115 VAC enclosure featuring a full backplane to support 16 PSTN V.32XX modems. Each slot is equipped with one RJ45 modular jack and one RS 232 DTE (DB25 F) interface.

Part # 62005201

The Model 2 enclosure. Same as above except the backplane has 2 PSTN 50 pin Mass Termination connectors with 4 port wire wrap in place of the RJ45 connections.

Part # 62005202

The Model 3 enclosure is our modular enclosure for maximum flexibility. This 115 VAC enclosure ships with blank segments instead of a backplane enabling "mix and match" of modems and DSU/CSU's in the same enclosure. DSU/CSU cards (MR64 and FT100) ship with a single slot backplane, modem back-planes are ordered separately.

Part # 62005203

Other shelves include 230 VAC and -48VDC versions of above, as well as lease line and dial back-up via dual modular or dual mass termination back-planes. The following page contains the currently available models as well as options and accessories.


Code Description
62005201 RM16M 19 Model 1 19" by 7.25" tall MOD TEL 115VAC
62005202 RM16M 19 Model 2 19" by 7.25" tall MASS Term 115VAC
62005203 RM16M Model 3 19" by 7.25" tall Segmental 115VAC
62005220 RM16M Model 20 23"by 7.25" tall  Mass Term 48VDC
62005221 RM16M Model 21 19" by 7.25" tall Mass Termination 48VDC
62005223 RM16M Model 23 19" by 7.25" tall Segmental 48VDC
62005224 RM16M Model 24 19"by 7.25" tall MOD TEL 48VDC
62005227 RM16M Model 27 19" by 7.25" tall Dual MOD TEL 115VAC
62005228 RM16M Model 28 19" by 7.25" tall Dual Mass Termination 115VAC
62005233 RM16M Model 33 19" by 7.25" tall Dual MOD TEL 48VDC
62005234 RM16M Model 34 19" by 7.25" tall Dual Mass Termination 48VDC
Code Description
6500205200020 Backplane 19 Left Side Single Mod
6500205300020 Backplane 19 Right Side Single MOD
6500207100010 Backplane 19 Left Side Mass Termination
6500207200010 Backplane 19 Right Side Mass Termination
6500299000010 Backplane 19 Left Side Dual MOD
6500299100010 Backplane 19 Right Side Dual MOD
6500299500010 Backplane 19 Right Dual Mass Termination
6500299600010 Backplane 19 Left Side Dual Mass Termination
Code Description
6500216300000 Blank Segment Assy
6500291000010 Backplane 1 Slot DB25/Dual Modular
6500425400010 Backplane 1 Slot DB25/Single Modular
Product FT100 backplane options
Code Description
6500378800010 Backplane 2 Slot 4 Port Segment
6500378900010 Backplane 4 Slot 8 Port Segment
6500379000010 Backplane 8 Slot 16 Port Segment
6500446200010 Backplane 8 Slot 16 Port Segment
Code Description
6500204900010 Power Supply RM16 115VAC
6500238500010 Power Supply RM16 Redundant 48VDC

UDS_RM16M_Model_1_chassis-rack.jpg (47221 bytes)

UDS RM16M Model 1 Chassis/Rack fits all older "mini modem cards (stand alone or rack card)" modems (with out dial back-up)

UDS_RM16M_Model_2_chassis-rack.jpg (45794 bytes)

DS RM16M Model 2 Chassis/Rack 50 pin Mass Term / Wire Wrap fits all older "mini modem cards (stand alone or rack card)" modems (with out dial back-up)

UDS_RM16M_Model_27_and 28_chassis-rack.jpg (88766 bytes)

DS RM16M Model 27 and 28 Chassis/Rack 50 pin Mass Term / Wire Wrap - fits all older "mini modem cards (stand alone or rack card)" modems (with out dial back-up) - use this chassis for any modem or CSU that has a dial back-up feature

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