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SmartNode Interface Card

Interface Card for VoIP ISDN PRI Interface

SmartNode Interface Card IC-E1V
Interface Card for ISDN PRI Interface
SmartNode IC-E1V
  Features & Benefits
  • 1 ISDN balanced 120Ohm E1, RJ45
  • G.168 echo cancellation
  • Support of various voice codecs: G.711 A-Law/?-Law, G.723.1, G.729A, Transparent
  • Voice Signalling: Euro ISDN EDSS-1 / ETSI PRI / Q-SIG (PSS-1)
  • EMC & CE Compliant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 2-5 year Warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 1-5 year Enhanced Warranty (includes free Advance Replacements)

The IC-E1V is a PMC standard compatible interface card for the SmartNode 2000 series. It provides one ISDN PRI interface and connects through a PCI packet and PCM circuit interface to the SmartNode base unit.

The IC-E1V is a high performance ISDN networking card that supports up to 30 simultaneous voice or fax calls. It meets the requirements of medium and large sized enterprises that want to connect their ISDN equipment, such as an ISDN PBX, via a PRI interface to a multi-service IP network.

The ISDN PRI interfaces can be configured as user or network side interfaces. Its on board dedicated micro-controller and DSPs offload the CPU of the SmartNode 2000 base unit and hence guarantee the conversion of voice/fax circuits into related IP-packets in real-time and with least delay and jitter values.

Configuration Example
The example shows the connection of a PBX via an IC-E1V Card into an IP network.

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