Verso / Verilink Larscom eRouter-200
eRouter-200 TM High-Performance Router for the Network Edge

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Larscom’s eRouter-200 (formerly called VINA eRouter-200) is a full-featured, cost-effective T1 broadband access router that offers ease-of-use and the industry’s best price/performance for small/medium businesses (SMBs) and branch offices. The eRouter-200 can support from 1 to 24 DS0s and provides 1.544 Mbps of full T1 line rate performance for Internet access or remote office connectivity. In tests by a premier independent test lab, The Tolly Group, Larscom's eRouter out performed products from Adtran, Cisco, and Netopia.

• Expands and increases data and Internet access speeds by supporting full or fractional T1 lines
• Slashes operational expenses with a compact, space-saving design that replaces multiple parallel lines with a single T1 link
• Delivers the industry’s best price/performance solution for SMB




AC 120 V AC, 60HZ (with supplied transformer)

Amps/BTUs 1 A, 50 BTUs/hr

User Interfaces


Features PRI pass-through

Line Connector RJ48C

10/100 Ethernet

Standards IEEE 802.3, autosensing

Transmission Mode Full or half duplex

Line Connector RJ45

Console Port

Interface RS-232

Baud Rates 9,600, 19,200, 38,400

Parity No parity, 8 bits, 1 start, 1 stop

Modes Ready to connect to terminal, 56Kbps, switched 56Kbps or ISDN 64/128Kbps

Line Connector RJ45

Network Interface


Line Rate 1.544 Mbps

Data Rate N x 64 Kbps (N = 1-24)

Framing SF (D4), ESF

Line Coding B8ZS, AMI

Line Connector RJ48C

Network Services

Frame Relay

LMI LMI T1.617 annex D, LMI Q.933 annex A

PVCs Max. 30 PVCs

IP Networking

Packet Throughput Line rate

Routing RIP I/II, Static, Backup default routing

Features IP over (Frame-relay (RFC1490), PPP, HDLC, FDL), PAT/NAT (5000 sessions), Configurable

NAT session timers, IP/QoS (Fair queuing), DiffServ, DHCP server, DNS proxy,

Telnet, FTP, NTP, Trace routing, Ping, SYSLOG

Firewall Support

Filtering Enhanced IP filtering


SNMP MIBs per RFC1213, RFC1315, RFC1406

Support Tools Statistics and status on all interfaces, integrate voice diagnostics

Management Access Console/Telnet, menu-driven command/script interface, web access

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