Verso / Verilink Products
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CTDI Products
Converged Access & Routing, Optical Ethernet Access, Bandwidth Aggregation

Verso iMark CSU DSU

verso imark 9123 9126

Verso iMark 9128
verso imark 9788

Verso / Verilink Integrated Access Devices
(IADs) and Access Routers

Verso / Verilink 8000 Series IAD T1, E1, xDSL POTS, 10/100 Base-T
Verso / Verilink 7000 Series IAD
Verso / Verilink 6000 Series IAD
Verso / Verilink 3000 Series IAD xDSL POTS, 10/100 Base-T
Verso / Verilink eLink IAD T1 POTS, DSX, 10/100 Base-T
Verso / Verilink SHARK IAD T1 POTS, DSX, V.35, 10/100 Base-T
Verso / Verilink WANsuite IAD T1, E1, SHDSL DSX, 10/100 Base-T, Serial
Verso / Verilink eRouter T1 10/100 Base-T
NetPath 2000 10/100 Wireless


Verso / Verilink Optical Access Devices Verso / Verilink / Larscom

Verso / Verilink Orion 7400 OC-3, STS-1 10/100 Base-T, 1G, DS3
Verso / Verilink Orion 7450 STM-1 10/100 Base-T, 1G, E3

Verso / Verilink Bandwidth Aggregation

Verso / Verilink Orion 4000 NxT1, NxE1, T3, E3 T1, T3, Serial
Verso / Verilink Orion 2000 NxT1, IMA V.35
Verso / Verilink Miniplex Copper Pair NxPOTS
Verso / Verilink Mega-T T1
Verso / Verilink Mega-E E1
Verso / Verilink AS2000 T1 POTS, DSX, V.35, RS232, EIA530
Verso / Verilink PRISM T1, E1, SHDSL DSX, 10/100 Base-T, Serial
Verso / Verilink TerraBoss T1, E1 T1, E1
Verso / Verilink TerraMux T1, E1 T1, E1
Verso / Verilink Access-T T1, T3 T1, E1
Verso / Verilink Orion 6000 DS3 MLFR
Verso / Verilink XPP T1, E1 DSX, POTS, Serial
Verso / Verilink ARCADACS T1, E1, DS3, STS-1, STM-1, OC-3 T1, E1, DS3, STS-1, STM-1, OC-3, POTS

Integrated access devices offering maximum performance with superior convergence capabilitiesThe Verso / Verilink portfolio of Integrated Access Devices (IADs) enables carriers to delivery high quality voice and data services to small and medium-sized businesses over any access technology (T1/E1 or XDSL). Among the industry's leaders offering a software configurable device for TDM, ATM and IP transports, the Verso / Verilink IADs equip service providers with a future-proof solution and a solid migration path to VoIP.

Product Information
Verso / Verilink 8000
Verso / Verilink 8100
Verso / Verilink 8200
Verso / Verilink 8300
Verso / Verilink 8500
WANsuite 5130
WANsuite 5160
WANsuite 5339
WANsuite 6410-30-50
WANsuite 7105
WANsuite 8200

Verso / Verilink Corporation is a leading provider of next generation broadband access solutions for today?s and tomorrow?s networks. The company develops, manufactures and markets a broad suite of products that enable carriers (ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, and IOCs) and enterprises to build converged access networks that enable the cost-effective delivery of next-generation communications services to their end customers. The company?s products include a complete line of VoIP and TDM-based integrated access devices (IADs), optical access products, wire-speed routers, and bandwidth aggregation solutions including CSU/DSUs, multiplexers and DACS.

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