Verilink AS2000

Verso / Verilink AS2000

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Verso / Verilink AS2000

The AS2000 shelves offer an interoperable and highly flexible multiservice platform consolidating high volumes of traffic with widely varying speeds all on one integrated device. Verso / Verilink’s AS2000 is an industrial-strength solution that combines the functions of a multiplexer, DACS, IMUX, and CSU/DSU in a single package. The following modules may populate the AS2000: WANsuite 5165 Module, NCM 2000 Module, DCSU 2911 Module, DIDCSU 2912 Module, QUAD 2164 Module, IMUX 2160 Module, HDM 2182 Module.



WANsuite 5165

DCSU 2911


HDM 2182

IMUX 2160

NCM 2000

QUAD 2164


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