Verso / Verilink Larscom Orion 2000 NxT1, IMA V.35

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Verso / Verilink Orion 2000 NxT1, IMA V.35  Inverse Multiplexer for ATM (IMA)

For ATM-based networks, the ATM Forum has standardized on a method of inverse multiplexing in which the data is distributed to multiple T1 or E1 circuits on a cell-by-cell basis. The carrier-class Orion 2000 was designed to support this standard and provide some advanced quality of service advantages. The Orion 2000 offers superior traffic management capabilities and can handle high-rate bursts. It delivers connectivity up to 12 Mbps over T1 lines, or up to 16 Mbps over E1 lines.

ô Larscomís Orion 2000 provides standard-based Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA), offering connectivity up to 12 Mbps over T1 lines, or up to 16 Mbps over E1 lines. The Orion 2000 is ideal for applications where higher-rate ATM WAN connections are either unavailable or cost prohibitive.  Built to central office standards, the Orion 2000 is equally suited to private ATM LAN interconnection and deployment by Network Service Providers.

The Orion 2000 offers superior traffic management, with an exceptionally large 1 MB buffer divided into four queues (a total of 16,384 cells) to effectively handle high-rate bursts. Sizes and thresholds for three of the queues, plus discard and congestion-management options, are user configurable for optimal performance.

Sophisticated ASCII terminal and SNMP management interfaces enable local or remote configuration, performance monitoring, alarm notification, and diagnostic testing. The Orion 2000 is interoperable with all leading DSLAMs, IMA concentrators, ATM core switches, and routers, ensuring you a proven, readily-available, rock-solid IMA solution for a wide range of applications.

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