Verso / Verilink Larcom 6000, Inverse Multiplexer for MFR

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Verso / Verilink Larcom 6000, Inverse Multiplexer for MFR

The Larscom 6000 provides standards-based inverse multiplexing for Multilink Frame Relay (MFR), allowing high-speed service delivery without upgrading routers or to a T3 connection. It delivers reliable high-speed connections from the customer site (CPE) to the core network and offers SLA monitoring. The Larscom 6000 has been tested by the Frame Relay Forum and is certified as fully FRF.16-compliant.

? FRF.16-compliant Multilink Frame Relay, in T1/E1 multiples up to 16 Mbps
? High-speed Internet access
? Inverse multiplexing using up to eight UNIs
? SLA verification

? Bandwidth management via advanced traffic shaping and dynamic line management
? Easily-integrated SLA monitoring via statistics exchanged with your core management system
? Versatile CLI, SNMP, Java-based GUI, and webbased management
? Easily-monitored network performance via testing and diagnosis at Layers 1, 2, and 3
? Universal NxT1/E1 network connections
? Equipment integration using V.35, HSSI, and/or 10/100Base-T data ports
? Migration to new technologies through easy-to-administer software upgrades

Designed for service providers and enterprises, ? the Larscom 6000 is the ideal end point for a wide range of high-speed services. The
Larscom 6000 delivers T1/E1 bandwidth in multiples of 16 Mbps, turning a broadband pipe into a service delivery system for current and future frame relay, ATM, and IP service offerings. It also provides integrated Service Level Agreement (SLA) management without additional hardware or monitoring/reporting systems.

Tested by the Frame Relay Forum and certified fully FRF.16 compliant, the Larscom 6000 offers complete interoperability with Multilink Frame
Relay (MFR)-enabled switches and CO concentrators. By using FRF.16 plus IP forwarding functions, the Larscom 6000 supports resilient high-speed customer-to-core network connections. There is no need for intermediate hardware or routers, so advanced services can be offered at the lowest total cost of operation. By combining the latest transport technologies with robust IP services, the Larscom 6000 insures maximum return on your investment.


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