Verso / Verilink / Larscom e-Link 300 IADs
Now With Dual T1 Capacity
Verso / Verilink eLink IAD T1 POTS, DSX, 10/100 Base-T

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The eLink-300 Family

Verso / Verilink's eLink-300 Family are highly-automated plug-and-play IADs for delivering integrated voice and data services without "truck rolls." Verso / Verilink's AutoCAP functionality handles all configuration, installation, and provisioning automatically to deliver significant operational savings to service providers rolling out integrated or bundled services to their customers. eLink-300 IADs consolidate the functionality of a channel bank for integrating voice connections, an IP router for transporting data, a CSU/DSU for terminating the T1 line or Frame Relay connection from the carrier, a DHCP server for IP address management, and a firewall for LAN security. eLink 300 offers support for FXO and FXS ports and FT1.

The Verso / Verilink eLink?-300 family of IADs is an ideal solution for small, and medium businesses looking to integrate voice, data, and Internet access over a single network interface.  These all-in-one solutions simplify networks and lower operating costs by combining a channel bank and advanced call handling for voice connections, an IP router for data transport, a CSU/DSU for line termination, a DHCP server for address management, and a firewall for LAN security in a single compact unit.

The eLink-316 provides up to 16 analog voice interfaces, and the eLink-324 provides a full 24. They also include a 10/100 Base-T LAN port. ePorts? allows a business to purchase just the capacity it currently needs, and expand that capacity at any time by activating additional ports.

Advanced configuration and provisioning upport through Verso / Verilink?s unique AutoCAP? functionality makes the eLink-300 a plug-and play solution that allows service providers to automatically install, configure, and provision the system. By automatically detecting and setting all system parameters, AutoCAP significantly
cuts typical set-up and installation time.

Multiple options, including SNMP, menu-based interface, Telnet, web interface, and a console port simplify network management.  The eLink-300 family provides a complete, scalable solution for voice and data integration at a very economical price point for small and medium businesses.



Analog Support
Capacity FXS: 4 ? 16 ports; FXO: 8 ports
Supported Features FXS: Loop start/ground start; modem support, caller ID
pass-through for loop start/ground start, message waiting
notification; FXO: Loop start/ground start DID
Ringing FXS: Balanced 15 REN, 87 Vrms, Unbalanced 25 REN, 82
Vrms; FXO: 1.5 REN per port, 20 Hz balanced ringing
Tx/Rx Gain Adjust Tx: 0dB, -3db or ?6dB; Rx: 0dB, -3db, ?6dB, or ?12dB
Impedance 600/900 ohms
Loop Length Limit 6,300 ft. (24 AWG), 3,900 ft. (26 AWG)
Line Connector RJ21
FT1/2nd WAN T1
Features Loop start/ground start/E&M, PRI pass-through
Line Connector RJ48C
10/100 Ethernet
Standards IEEE 802.3, autosensing
Transmission Mode Full or half duplex
Line Connector RJ45
Console Port
Interface RS-232
Parity No parity, 8 bits, 1 start, 1 stop
Modes Ready to connect to terminal, Dial modem
Baud Rates 9,600, 19,200, 38,400
Line Connector RJ45


Lines 1 or 2 T1s
Line Rate 1.544 Mbps per T1
Data Rate N x 64 Kbps (N = 1-24)
Framing SF (04), ESF, TR-08, (SLC96)
Line Coding B8ZS, AMI
Line Connector RJ48C

Frame Relay
LMI LMI T1.617 annex D, LMI Q.933 annex A
PVCs Max. 30 PVCs

Packet Thoughput Line rate
Routing RIP I/II, Static, Backup default routing
Features IP over (Frame-relay (RFC 1490), PPP, HDLC, FDL)
PAT/NAT (5000 sessions), Configurable NAT sessions
timers, IP/QoS (Fair queuing), DiffServ, DHCP server,
DNS proxy, Telnet, FTP, NTP, Trace route, Ping, SYSLOG
Firewall Support
Filtering Enhanced IP filtering

SNMP MIBs per RFC1213, RFC1315, RFC1406
Support Tools Status and statistics on all interfaces;
integrated voice diagnostics
Management Access Console/Telnet, menu-driven commands/script
interface, web access

AC 100-130 V AC, 60HZ, 60VA
(with supplied transformer)
DC 36-56.5V DC, 60VA
BTUs 316: 102.39 BTUs/hr;
324: 146.51 BTUs/hr

Usage Wall mount, desktop usage
Size 1.75? H x 12.5? W x 10? D
(4.5 x 31.75 x 25.4 cm)
Shipping Weight 6-8 lb (2.72 - 3.62 kg)

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