IQ 710 with 56/64k Network Module 4202801L1      ADTRAN IQ 710 IQ710
Intelligent Frame Relay Traffic Management

IQ 710 with 56/64K Network Module
Part Number: 4202801L1

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ADTRAN?s new IQ 710 is a 7-layer Frame Relay traffic identification and shaping device. In addition to terminating a Frame Relay circuit and providing traditional Service Level Agreement monitoring, the IQ 710 provides automatic discovery of over 300 applications like Oracle?, Microsoft Exchange?, FTP, Real Audio?, and many others. The IQ 710 modular network interface has options to support 56/64Kbps, T1 / FT1 and T1 / FT1+DSX-1. The IQ 710 supports Safe-T-Net? with optional dial backup modules. View data collected by the IQ 710 with N-Form for a complete network management system.

According to the company, the addition of traffic shaping to ADTRAN's IQ Frame Relay performance monitoring platform gives network managers more control over critical network resources. Where previously, managers could only monitor bandwidth, they should now be able to control it. As a result, mission-critical applications may be able to receive top priority, while less important applications can make use of remaining bandwidth.

ADTRAN says that its IQ 710 offers previously unavailable insight into network operations that can help managers identify usage patterns and trends. The platform is designed to make it easy for managers to determine true demand for bandwidth, and, as a result, avoid purchasing unnecessary and costly bandwidth. Furthermore, the IQ 710 should complement ADTRAN's IQ performance monitoring series that is already deployed for Frame Relay connectivity, routing, circuit monitoring, SLA verification, and disaster recovery.

Ordering Information

IQ 710 with 56/64K and Shaping                                 4202811L1

IQ 710 with T1 / FT1 and Shaping                                 4202812L1

IQ 710 with T1 / FT1 & DSX-1 and Shaping                4202813L1

IQ 710 with 56/64K Network Interface                         4202801L1

IQ 710 with T1 / FT1 Network Interface                         4202802L1

IQ 710 with T1 / FT1 + DSX-1 Network Interface         4202803L1

T1 / FT1 Network Interface Module                                1202802L1

T1 / FT1 + DSX-1 Network Interface Module               1202803L1

IQ 710 Traffic Shaping Upgrade                                  1200810L1

IQ 710 V.34 DBU Module                                             1204002L3

IQ 710 ISDN BRI DBU Module                                     1204004L2

IQ 710 ISDN PRI DBU Module                                     1204008L2