Adtran DSU CSU DDS Products

Adtran DSU CSU DDS Products

The DDS Series of products offers a wide range of high performance, cost effective DSU/CSUs. The ADTRAN DSU family of products includes standalone and rackmount products that incorporate many different features like SNMP management, automatic dial backup, autorate adaption, user selectable options, external DTE master circuit clock, as well as weekend and time of day lockout options.

Adtran DSU 5600  1200078L1
Adtran DSU 56/64  1200062L1
Adtran DSU III AR  1202011L1
Adtran DSU III AR RM  1200034L1
Adtran DSU III AR DC  1200270L1
Adtran DSU III DBU V.34 RM  1200172L2
Adtran DSU III DBU ISDN RM  1200067L1
Adtran DSU III TDM  1200063L1
Adtran DSU III TDM V.35 Adapter Cable Male/Male  1200063L6
Adtran DSU III TDM V.35 Adapter Cable Male/Female  1200063L8
Adtran DSU IV ESP  1204011L1
Adtran DSU IV ESP w/Ethernet  4204011L1


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