Digi International
DataFire® RAS

Scalable Server-Based Remote Access Concentrators by
Digi  for Analog and Digital Connections

  • 77000605 4 BRI ISDN Ports with ST I/F (International)

  • 77000606 4 BRI ISDN Ports with U I/F (North America)

  • 77000593 24 Port RAS Card, Single T1 WAN

  • 77000597 48 Port RAS Card, Dual T1 WAN

  • 77000599 30 Port RAS Card, Single E1 WAN

  • 77000603 60 Port RAS Card, Dual E1 WAN

  • 77000594 24 Port Daughterboard, Upgrades 24 Port RAS to 48 Ports

  • 77000600 30 Port Daughterboard, Upgrades 30 Port RAS to 60 Ports

Digi International Sells DataFire-RAS Business
to Patton Electronics

  • “ Just as our chassis-based Remote Access Server (RAS) product has become one of our most successful product lines to date, we know the demand for these enterprise Remote Access Server (RAS) products will continue to be supported, enhanced, and grown to further establish Patton as the premier Network Access equipment provider” said Burt A. Patton, Patton’s Executive Vice President.



Patton Part #              Digi Part #

2977/B4/ST               77000605 4 BRI ISDN Ports with ST I/F (International)

2977/B4/U                 77000606 4 BRI ISDN Ports with U I/F (North America)

2977/24/PT1             77000593 24 Port RAS Card, Single T1 WAN

2977/48/PT2             77000597 48 Port RAS Card, Dual T1 WAN

2977/30/PE1             77000599 30 Port RAS Card, Single E1 WAN

2977/60/PE2             77000603 60 Port RAS Card, Dual E1 WAN

2977/24/PTM             77000594 24 Port Daughterboard, Upgrades 24 Port RAS to 48 Ports

2977/30/PEM             77000600 30 Port Daughterboard, Upgrades 30 Port RAS to 60 Ports

DataFire® RAS
Scalable Server-Based Remote Access Concentrators for Analog and Digital Connections
As both PCs and network operating systems have become more powerful and stable, PC servers have been taking over the tasks formerly performed by proprietary standalone boxes. PC servers now efficiently handle remote communications and routing, perform as Internet and fax gateways, and are beginning to take on unified communication tasks as well. Essential to server-based communications solutions are reliable, standards-based communication adapters. Digi International, maker of the industry DigiBoard®, has been producing the leading communication adapters since PC servers first began shipping. Through long-standing partnerships with joint development efforts with industry leaders such as Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and Novell, Digi products have gained a reputation for compatibility, performance and reliability that is unmatched.

The Digi DataFire® Family of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based RAS (Remote Access Server) concentrator adapters provides the widest compatibility and most powerful performance available in a PCI or CompactPCI slot. For demanding, server-based applications including modem-pooling, remote access, advanced fax, World Wide Web and branch office internetworking, you won't find a better product line than DataFire.

The Digi DataFire RAS concentrator adapters support from 8 to 60 channels in a single PCI or CompactPCI slot, and most can be field-upgraded with additional channels as needed. Digi DataFire adapters support a full range of connections, from low density analog modem, to medium density Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN, to high density T1/E1 and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN. Multiple DataFire adapters can be installed in a single server so capability can be added as system needs grow.

Advanced DSPs Support V.90 Modem, ISDN, and Advanced Fax Communications
The dense modem technology built into DataFire adapters is based on high performance Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). On-board DSPs provide advanced modem and fax support and maximize the efficiency of each communications channel. Each DataFire channel operates independently and configures itself dynamically for analog (up to V.90 or K56flex) or digital (ISDN B-channel) support. This ensures smooth, remote connections regardless of whether callers are using analog modems or ISDN devices.

Universal Server Compliance Ensures Compatibility with All Leading PCs
All DataFire models operate within the PCI 2.1 mechanical and electrical specifications, support 3.3-or 5-volt PCI and CompactPCI servers, and share a common software architecture. These features ensure compatibility with a wide variety of PCs and application software, enhance reliability, and facilitate support. DSP-based DataFire adapters also share a common software architecture with Digi AccelePort® DSP-based multi-modem adapters for the ultimate flexibility in system design.

Scalable, Modular Design and Field Upgrades Protect Your Investment
The great advantage of Digi DataFire server-based solutions is the ability to grow and expand as your needs change, whereas standalone communications solutions must be replaced in order to accommodate system changes. Most Digi DataFire adapters can be field upgraded with additional communication channels as needed. Both BRI ISDN and T1/E1 or PRI/ISDN adapters can reside in the same server to provide exactly the types of connections your network requires. And, adapters can easily be upgraded or swapped in and out of the server as technology changes. DataFire provides complete design flexibility.

O/S Integration and Use of Standard APIs Facilitate System Installation and Maintenance
Digi DataFire adapters integrate with, and take advantage of, the inherent communication capabilities already built-in to you server operating environment, And, unlike some competitive products that use proprietary APIs (application programming interfaces), DataFire drivers are written to standard APIs and are enhanced with Digi's PortAssist® management software. Use of standard APIs means that installation and management of your ports is completely familiar and intuitive to network administrators. IT managers can continue to use the same management systems and administrative tools they know and trust. And, users can continue to use the same remote access resources they're accustomed to since the DataFire Family of RAS concentrators offers full modem coverage. The DataFire product line is a natural extension of your existing network and does not require administrator or user training, or a substantial investment to add capabilities such as remote access or fax connectivity.

Advanced Application Support for Freedom of Choice
Software products for communication applications, management, and performance enhancement are available from a wide variety of developers. The DataFire adapters are designed and tested to ensure compatibility with leading application software. Up-to-date compatibility testing information can be found on Digi's Web site in the "industry alliances" section.

Quality and Reliability
The Digi RAS concentrator adapters meet Digi International design and manufacturing standards including ISO 9001 certification, and are backed by a five-year warranty. All DataFire DSP-based RAS concentrators are designed to be the only communications adapters you'll ever need.


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