Verso / Verilink Miniplex 2N1 V8 UDC

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Verso / Verilink Miniplex 2N1 V8 UDC

Miniplex 2N1 V8 UDC

2-Channel Digital Subscriber Line for adding voice frequency access lines over existing copper with V.90 (“56k”) modem capability

Verso / Verilink’s Miniplex 2N1 Universal Digital Channel (UDC) product with the V8®‚ enhancement helps telephone companies meet the growing demand for new access lines delivering plain old telephone service (POTS) including V.90 modem compatibility without installing additional copper cable. Typical data connection rates are between 42 to 46 kilobits per second (kbps), and throughput rates often exceed the connection rates due to the V.90 modem compression capability. The Miniplex 2N1 UDC uses standard 2B1Q digital encoding to carry two voice-grade analog circuits over an existing non-loaded cable pair. The system consists of a V8® version line card(s) housed in a Universal Miniplex UDC central office terminal (COT) shelf equipped with a shelf power supply card and a remote terminal located at the subscriber site. The system is powered from the central office to avoid using batteries in the remote terminal (RT).

Miniplex 2N1 UDCs are spectrum compatible with T1, ISDN and ADSL lines for economical and timely system upgrading. The transmission quality improvement with Miniplex 2N1 UDCs makes them attractive for conveying higher-speed (V.90) digital data, such as internet and home office traffic, and for hosting electronic devices, such as recording machines.

The Miniplex NID remote terminal unit provides a sealed electronics package, station protection, and RJ-11 demarcation/customer wiring terminals in a standard six-line Siecor 7600 NI housing or six-line Keptel 4600XL housing. Miniplex DooRT remote terminal units replace the original doors of Siecor 7600 NI systems and convert these standard NI units to remote terminals. Miniplex SupeRT remote terminal units may be strand-, pole-, stake-, pedestal-, or wall-mounted for flexibility in installation.


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