Patton Electronics SN1200/2VIL/UI
ISDN/BRI VoIP Media Gateway

Patton SN1200/2VIL/UI
ISDN/BRI VoIP Media Gateway
The SmartNode 1200 BRI VoIP Media Gateway provides two simultaneous connections for transparent voice, fax, and data over any IP network. With its dual BRI ports, a single phone can access packet-voice while still connecting to the local PSTN telephone system.
SmartNode 1200 photo

Smartnode 1200 Dual BRI VoIP/ToIP Gateway-Router; IP QoS, 2 x ISDN BRI, 2 x 10bT, 2 VoIP channels, internal UI power (100-240VAC). Includes SNSW-IPR1 License. H.323 Software installed. For SIP order SNSW-1000-SIP.

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