Patton Electronics SmartNode SN4552/2BIS/EUI
VoIP ToIP Integrated Access Device

Patton SmartNode SN4552/2BIS/EUI
ToIP Integrated Access Device
The SmartNode 4520 Series VoIP Gateway Routers combine IP routing, VPN/Security, and Quality of Service for up to 8 transparent voice and FAX calls over any IP or PSTN network. Leverage low-cost IP services with packet-voice for complete branch office voice and data connectivity.
Model 4110 Series photo
SN4552/2BIS/EUI Smartnode 4552 SmartNode ISDN VoIP SoHo Router ISDN 2x BRI So, 10/100baseTX WAN, integrated 4-port 10/100bTX LAN switch, external UI power (100-240VAC)

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