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ATM / IAD / Voice & Data Access Devices Gigabit - GigE Routers, Switches, Wireless Printers 
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Broadband Access Industrial Ethernet - WAN / LAN Remote Access Servers - RAS
Broadband Cable Integrated Access Devices /  IAD Remote LAN Connectivity
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Cable Adapters Internet Security Routers - Enterprise / Video / T1 / E1
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Concentrators and Multiplexers ISDN SIP Gateway
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DSL, DSLAM,   Long Range Ethernet UPS Systems
DSL, DSLAM,  Long Range Ethernet Media Converters USB - Hubs, Adapters, Firewire
E1 / T1 Microwave Cellular Radio USB Extenders
E3 / T3 Mobile IP Video Surveillance USB Extenders
Ethernet Extenders Modems - Analog / Digital / Fiber Video
Ethernet Switching Multiplexers  VoIP / ToIP / Telephony / Routers / Gateways 
Fiber Converters Network Adapters & Interfaces, NIC VPN
Fiber Modems - T1 E1 Network Security & Firewall Wireless - Access, Bridges & Backhaul
Fiber Multiplexers Notebooks Wireless - Microwave Cellular Radio
Fiber Optic Multiplexers  Notebooks & Workstations Wireless Access Points - WAP
Firewalls Optical Networking WirelessBridges & Backhaul
Frame Relay, X.25 Patch Panels Workstations


Bell Modem Standards 

The old bell - 103(300bps), 202S/T, 212(1,200bps), 201(2,400bps), 208(4,800bps), 209(9,600)

Modems Fiber Modems vs. Dial-up Lease Line Modems
v. specificationsX. SpecificationsCCITT Recommendations RJ Jacks Descriptions Fiber Multimode Modems- Duplex or Simplex Cable
Configuring Your Modem For Optimum Performance RS-232 Tech Info NEBS Network Equipment Building System
Frame Relay Tutorial V.35 Tech Info This site is designed to be a help/support resource for Modem users of all ranges from beginners to advanced users.
Fiber a Tutorial


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