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A balun is a device designed to convert between balanced and unbalanced (bal-un) electrical signals, such as between coaxial cable and twin-lead. This is almost always done through the use of a small isolation transformer, with the earth ground or chassis ground left floating or unconnected on the balanced side. This transformer can then also perform impedance matching at the same time.  A balun generally has no other functional purpose except for compatibility between systems.

 400 Series-Coax to Twisted-Pair Adapter Balun
 410 Twinax to Twisted-Pair Adapter Balun)
 450RC24 Ultra High Density G.703 Balun Panel
 460 G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps 75-Ohm to 120-Ohm
460MC G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps, With Built-in Cables 75-Ohm to 120-Ohm

 460RC TeleMatch? G.703 Balun Panel 75-Ohm to 120-Ohm
(most popular model)

 462 G.703 Balun, 8 Mbps, 75-Ohm to 100-Ohm
 463 G.703 Balun, 34 Mbps 75-Ohm to 120-Ohm
 464RC & 466RC High Density, E1/G.703 Balun Panels BNC & 1.6/5.6 Connectors
 465 G.703 Balun, 2 Mbps 1.6/5.6 Connectors
 465RC TeleMatch? G.703 Balun Panel 1.6/5.6 Connectors
470, 471, & 472 155-Mbps ATM Baluns Swap Coax for Twisted Pair

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