Line Sharing Devices

Data Connect Enterprise offers a full range of Line and Modem Sharing Devices
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Patton Electronics Sharing Devices
Patton Electronics Model 305 Modem Splitter Three Devices one Single Modem
Patton Electronics 360 Sharing-Switch Daisy-Chain)
Patton Electronics 3010 Modem Sharing Device
Patton Electronics 365 Printer Switch
Patton Electronics 3018/V24 V.24 RS-232 Modem-Sharing Device
Patton Electronics 3012/V24 2-Port V.24 Modem Sharing Device
Patton Electronics 3060 3080 Digital Sharing Devices


RAD Communications Sharing Devices
RAD MSD 8-Channel Modem Sharing Device
RAD MMS 2-Channel Modem Sharing Device
RAD MPS 2-Channel Port Sharing Device 
RAD RSD-10 8 Channel Programmable Sharing Device
RAD RSD-1 4 Channel Programmable Sharing Device 
RAD LA-104 High Speed ATM Integrated Access Device


Telebyte Sharing Devices
Telebyte 330       Four Port Modem Sharing Unit
Telebyte 335       RS-232 8 Port Digital Sharing Unit
Telebyte 336       V.35, 4 Port, Digital Sharing Unit - 2MHz

Please contact us 301-924-7400