Serial / Parallel Adapters

Data Connect Enterprise offers a variety of Serial Adapters and Interfaces
from Patton, Black Box, Telebyte and Others
Model 2025model 2026

Patton Electronics 1226 AC Powered Parallel Short Range Modem
Patton Electronics 2025 & 2029 Auto-Directional, Serial to Parallel Converters Black Box
Patton Electronics 360 Sharing-Switch Daisy-Chain)
Patton Electronics 2026 & 2027 Self-Contained, Serial to Parallel Black Box Converters
Patton Electronics 2035 2039 High Speed, Auto-Directional Serial to Parallel Converters
Patton Electronics 365 Printer Switch
Patton Electronics 2030 RS-232/423 (Serial) to IEEE-1284 (Bi-Directional Parallel) Converter Black Box
Patton Electronics 360-EXP Port and Buffer Expansion Kits
Patton Electronics 1225 ParaLink Self-Powered, Parallel, Black Box Line Driver ME190 ME191 ME192 ME193
Telebyte Products



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