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TDM Over IP T1 Over IP

TDMoIP or TDM over IP is a transport technology that extends voice, video or data circuits across packet-switched networks simply, transparently and economically. A simple alternative to VoIP, TDMoIP protects your PBX investments while enabling a smooth migration to IP, Ethernet and MPLS networks

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RAD Vmux-110 Voice Trunking Gateway
RAD IPmux-1 IPmux-1E TDMoIP Gateway 
RAD IPmux-4 TDMoIP Gateway
RAD IPmux-11 Ethernet Multiservice Gateway
RAD IPmux-16 TDMoIP Gateway
RAD VMUX 2100 Voice Trunking Gateway  
RAD RADview Service Center TDMoIP Service Management Application for TDM over IP  
RAD Kilomux-2100, Kilomux-2104
Data, Voice, Fax and LAN Integrating Multiplexers
IP Tube DLT1-Ecan

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