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BridgeWave Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link Model GE60



Motorola Canopy 900 Mhz Motorola Canopy 900 Mhz Antennas
Motorola Canopy 2.4 Ghz Motorola Canopy Backhauls
Motorola Canopy 5.2 Ghz Cluster Management Modules & Acc
Motorola Canopy 5.7 Ghz Motorola Canopy Accessories
Motorola Canopy Antennas
FCC approved External Antennas
Motorola Canopy 150Mb 300Mb Backhauls

MicroHard Wireless Products

Microhard Spectra 2400 high-performance enclosed 2.4 GHz wireless modem
FHSS 2.4 GHz enclosed modem

Microhard SpectraNT 910 high-performance enclosed 900 MHz wireless ethernet bridge
FHSS 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge

Microhard SpectraNT 2400 high-performance enclosed 2.4 GHz wireless ethernet bridge
FHSS 2.4 GHz Ethernet Bridge

Microhard MHX-910 embedded high-performance 900 MHz transceiver

Microhard MHX-920 - Professional OEM Wireless Modems
(HIGH-SPEED 230.4 kbps) FHSS 900 MHz

Microhard MHX-2400 embedded high-performance 2.4 GHz transceiver


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