Microhard MHX-910 Embedded
High-Performance OEM 900 MHz Transceiver

MHX-910 OEM Wireless Module

MHS102100 MHX-910 FHSS 900 MHz OEM wireless modem

MHS102200 MHX-910 DP, Development Platform, includes the following:
MHS102100 (2) MHX-910 OEM Radio Modem
MHS105000 (2) Development Board
MHS031000 (2) Rubber Ducky Antenna
MHS040000 (2) MCX Antenna Cable
MHS041060 (2) 6ft. RS-232 Serial Data Cable
MHS025010 (2) 12V, 1.2A Wall Adapter 110VAC
MHS091005 (1) MHX-910 Manual
MHS091020 (1) Development Board Manual

The MHX-910 embedded wireless transceiver provides the highest levels of industrial spread spectrum data performance. This module is footprint and interface compatible with the MHX-2400, ensuring quick migration from the MHX-910 (902 928 MHz ISM band) to the MHX-2400 (2.4000 2.4835 GHz ISM band) and vice versa. The RF rejection characteristics of these two products are unrivaled in the industry, meaning that the presence of excessive RF noise will not compromise their performance.

Spread Spectrum RS-232 FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Point to point and Point to Multipoint configurations Peer to Peer connectivity
SCADA applications License-free Industrial Ethernet bridge Ethernet PLUs