BridgeWave Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link Model GE60

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BridgeWave GE60 Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Extender

The BridgeWave GE60 is a point-to-point wireless link that extends LANs between buildings at full gigabit Ethernet speeds. The product takes 1000Base-SX connections at each side of the link and transparently connects them as if the fibers were physically connected end-to-end.  It provides fiber equivalent performance, reliability and security, without the high installation costs and delays associated with inter-building fiber installations. The product operates in the license-free 60GHz radio frequency band. It is designed to be installed by end-users who do not have expertise in radio technology.

? Extends LAN backbones between buildings
? Connects buildings to metro fiber hub sites
? Enables centralization of IT facilities
? Avoids construction costs and delays
? Creates temporary connections
? Creates redundant paths for fiber, copper or free space optic links

Transparent Network Integration
? Full rate, full duplex, non-blocking gigabit Ethernet
? Functions as low-latency physical layer repeater
? Works with standard gigabit Ethernet equipment
Operates in 60 GHz Frequency Band
? License-free operation in U.S.
? Outstanding frequency re-use
? Excellent immunity to interference
? Link distances up to 400-900 meters
? Up to 99.999% availability
User Installable
? Compact form factor
? Single-box, all-outdoor design
? Mounts on side or roof of building
? Easy-to-use visual alignment mechanism
? No configuration required ? ?point and link?
? Point-to-point
? Hot standby
? Consecutive point-to-point
? Hub-and-spoke
? Ring
? Mesh
Specifications BridgeWave Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link Model GE60 Extender

Operating Frequency
FCC Part 15 Section 255 (ID: RWM-GE60)
Low transmit 58.1 GHz
High transmit 62.9 GHz
Occupied bandwidth 1.4 GHz
Reed-Solomon (204,188) FEC
Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)
Integrated Antenna
Type directional cassegrain
Polarization linear (horizontal or vertical)
Gain 40 dBi
< 50 microseconds
Data Interface
1000Base-SX with LC connectors
Multimode fiber cable lengths: 62.5/125 ?m 270 meters (max.)
50/125 ?m 500 meters (max.)
Indoor supply input 110/220 Vac
Indoor supply output +24 Vdc
Power cable length 250 meters (max.)
Power consumption < 40 watts (w/o cable)
Size Radio unit: 30w * 30h * 12d (cm)
Weight Radio unit: 4.5 kg
Mounting bracket: 3.0 kg
Operating temperature -30 to +50 deg C
Altitude 4,500 meters (max.)
Environmental protection IP55
Wall and mast mounts provided
Visual sight alignment tool
Receive signal strength test point for fine adjustment
Link quality test point to verify error-free performance
Minimum link distance: 20 meters
North American Rain Zones