Channel Bank

A channel bank is a device at a telephone company central office (public exchange) that converts analog signals from home and business users into digital signals to be carried over higher-speed lines between the central office and other exchanges. The analog signal is converted into a digital signal that transmits at a rate of 64 thousand bits per second (Kbps). This 64 Kbps signal is a standard known as a DS0 signal. The signal is multiplexed with other DS0 signals on the same line using time-division multiplexing (TDM) . Usually, the digital information is put on each DS0 signal using pulse code modulation (PCM).  The channel bank is the foundation for all digital telecommunication transmissions. It is the part of a carrier -multiplex terminal that multiplexes a group of channels into a higher bit-rate digital channel and demultiplexes these aggregates back into individual channels. A channel bank changes analog voice and data signals into a digital format. It is called a "bank" because it can contain enough processing power to convert a bank of up to 24 individual channels to a digital format, and then back to analog again. The 24 channels comprise a T1 circuit.  A channel bank can also multiplex a group of channels into a higher bandwidth analog channel. 

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Adtran Channel Banks
ADTRAN ATLAS 550 PRI Channel Bank 4200305L7
ACT 1900 Chassis 1150051L1 D4MEM602RA Intelligent Channel Banks
ACT 2300 Chassis 1150050L2 D4M1EE0ARA Intelligent Channel Banks


Carrier Access Exchange Intelligent Channel Bank
Carrier Access Access Bank I Configuration Ordering
Carrier Access Adit 600 T1 Integrated Access Device
Carrier Access Access Bank I
Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 / DS3
Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 / STS-1Carrier Access Adit 600 T1 Integrated Access Device


Coastcom R428 28-Slot DACS & Channel Bank
Coastcom D/I Mux III
Coastcom R344 Quad E1 T1 Add Drop MUX Channel Bank
Coastcom DPC 15 ATT PG15


DCE Brand T1 Channel Bank
RAD Megaplex 104 Megaplex 204 Voice Channel Bank
Rhino T1 Channel Bank FXS/FXO with Data
Verilink 8200 IAD



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