Data Connect T1 Channel Bank
The most cost effective T1 channel bank on the market.

This Data Connect T1 Channel Bank acts as a T1 mux, converting 24 digital channels to 24 analog channels. This cost-effective  T1 channel bank comes with a 5 year warranty, and our new price is hundreds of dollars less than most refurbished channel banks.

Data Connect T1 Channel Banks are much easier to install than any other channel bank on the market today. There is no programming or software to learn. With our new "Auto-Config" feature, you can just plug it in, and the channel bank is ready to go. If you are needing more than just a voice application, the Data Connect Channel Bank now supports data, and is configurable channel by channel. It is the most flexible channel bank on the market.

The Data Connect T1 channel bank uses the latest, fully digital embedded technology. This means higher reliability and lower cost. The Data Connect provides as "standard" what other units can't provide OR charge extra for.

A warranty of more than a year is almost unheard of in the telecommunications industry. A warranty that goes beyond 2 years is even more scarce. A 5 year warranty of any kind is proof the unit is rock solid.

By supporting the most common start protocols (Immediate, Wink, Loop, Ground, DID), as well as either D4 or ESF and AMI or B8ZS, the Data Connect channel bank can be installed in a wide variety of situations including dynamic data channels. "Auto Config" makes the unit truly "plug and play" - the only channel bank of it's kind! 

A LCD display is used during the Data Connect installation process. Most problems that arise during an installation are the result of mismatched protocols between the channel bank and the carrier's T1 line. The display shows what is being sent in on the T1 and what is going out from the channel bank.

This T1 D4 channel bank T1 Channel Bank can operate on a D4 (SF) or ESF T1 line. The bank supports either SF or ESF with either AMI or B8ZS line coding. The start protocols supported are: Immediate Start, Wink Start, Loop Start, Ground Start and DID. (These are standard and are used by all T1 service providers.) On the analog side the Data Connect presents 24 loop start lines (FXS).

The Data Connect Channel Bank interfaces directly with most PBXs and almost all voice mail systems. Calling party disconnect is also supported by the Data Connect.

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