Coastcom R344
Quad E1 / T1 Add / Drop MUX & Channel Bank

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The Coastcom R344 Series is an access DACS-Mux that combines numerous digital access interfaces into multiple E1 or T1 lines for convenient traffic transport and switching. It acts as a full cross-connect MUX or mini-DACS.  The R344 management is accomplished through a VT100 console port, as well as Ethernet, SLIP, Telnet, or SNMP, for easy monitoring and control from local or remote locations. Choose in-band or out-of-band management. Fault detection and analysis is made easier using status LEDs, loopback diagnostics, and built-in BERT test patterns. Network Management is also available for alarm monitoring, control, and configuration. The shelf uses 1 or 2 DC (-48V) load sharing power supplies and either 1 or 2 hot pluggable, redundant controller cards. Requires a single or redundant external AC-DC power supply.

Interfaces include Quad E1/T1, HDSL, U type used in ISDN, RS232, E&M, 2- and 4-wire voice, V.35 and Ethernet.
The built-in DACS function allows T1 or E1 lines to be groomed for optimal channel utilization


SCADA applications
Network traffic extensions
SOHO applications
Right-of-Way applications
High density channel bank applications


Operates as a DACS and a channel bank
Supports DACS with full cross-connect capability
Supports full DS0 cross-connect, backplane capacity up to 128 Mbps
Up to 52E1 or 52T1 WAN ports, or four E1/T1 ATM Frame Relay ports
Mid-sized expandable multiplexer
Controlled by SLIP, RS-232, or Ethernet
Wide selection of control protocols
In-band and out-of-band control path
EMS software (R-View) manageable
12 DTE plug-in slots.


R344WM Chassis Shelf, 8 Mb chassis (no controller, power, T1 or E1 card)
R344CC CPU card 8 Mb CPU card (order 2 for redundancy)
R344SD DC PS DC power supply (order 2 for redundancy)
R344AC AC PS External AC power supply (order 2 for redundancy)
R344P1T1 T1 interface card T1 interface card
R344P1E1 E1 interface card E1 interface card
R344P4E1 Quad E1 Quad E1 interface card
R344P1RT Router interface Router Interface
R344AFRT T1 Frame Relay T1 Frame Relay to ATM inter-working or FR to FR concentration
R344AFRE E1 Frame Relay E1 Frame Relay to ATM inter-working or FR to FR concentration
R344P6U 6-channel IDSL 6-channel IDSL plug-in module
R344P10U 10-channel IDSL 10-channel IDSL plug-in module (requires 2 slots)
R344P3H 3-channel MDSL 3-channel MDSL plug-in module
R344P3HA 3-channel MDSL 3-channel MDSL plug-in module (requires 2 slots, 2MB/channel)
R342LP Daughter card Line power daughter card (per port). If all 3 loops require line power, order 3 daughter cards
R344P8EM 8-channel E&M 8-channel E&M module
R344RS232 5-channel RS232 5-channel RS232 w/ X.50 subrate module (requires 2 slots)
R344V35 6-channel V.35 6-channel V.35 w/DB25S connector model (requires 2 slots)
R344FXS12 12-channel FXS 12-channel FXS module
R344FXO12 12-channel FXO 12-channel FXO module
R344FAN Fan Tray Fan tray
R344LCD LCD monitor Extra LCD monitor

Call 301-924-7400 ext. 17 for Information and Pricing

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