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Coastcom’s product offerings consist of three distinct product families.

R Series
R Series provides the most flexible, streamlined solution for serving communications requirements now and into the future. R Series integrates the functionality of routing, channelized digital access cross-connections, simultaneous analog voice support, sophisticated remote management and diagnostics into a variety of access devices.

The R Series access devices deployed over simple, twisted pair copper, fiber, and wireless networks, provides for the customized blending of voice and data channels to meet diverse customer needs. The modular architecture provides scalability and flexibility to meet embedded customer needs as well as effectively addressing new network deployments.

R Series products are currently comprised of:

r344 Channel Bank/DACS: excellent for voice & data; medium-large deployments

razoredge 100:Next-generation SONET/SDH ADM: OC3/12/48 point-to-point or ring; medium deployment; drops T1, DS3, 10/100BT & GigE

R428 Optical voice & data multiplexer: ideal for OC-3/STM-1 ADM connections; international gateway; medium-large deployments

r410 Optical data cross-connect: fiber-to-copper networks (OC-3/STM-1 to DS1/E1); international gateway; medium-large deployments

r930 Single fiber multiplexer: ideal for maximizing fiber infrastructures; small-medium deployments

R632 IP Cross-Connect: excellent for IP services; small-medium deployments

R610 TDM to IP Converter: LAN & IP PBX extensions; medium-large deployments
r409 Smaller version of R428: excellent for voice & data: international gateway; small-medium usage
r430 T1 to E1 Converter: data services & international interconnection; mini-mux; small-medium deployments
r25  Smaller version of the R610: TDM to IP converter; small deployment
r661 Mid-size version of the R610: TDM to IP converter; Router; small-medium deployment

The Coastcom D/I Mux III Drop-and-Insert Multiplexer provides intelligent multiplexing of a variety of services (data, video, and voice) into high-speed T1 circuits. Reflecting the company’s heritage, Coastcom's family of drop-and-insert T1 multiplexers support up to two T1 lines and 48 channels which provide users double capacity without requiring a second multiplexer. The standard model is a powerful, flexible Dual Channel Bank system available in 8-, 12- or 24-slot shelf configurations. The system features programmable control over the T1 network, allowing the user to configure any site either locally, or from a remote location. The D/I Mux III family of products include a variety of software programmable voice and data channel cards.

Common Equipment     Voice Feature Cards    Data Feature Cards    Special Feature Cards

AIM®  AIM Advanced Intelligent Multiplexer
AIM provides T3 (28 T1s) granular cross-connect capabilities for TDM, IP, and pass-through capabilities for Frame Relay and ATM. AIM is a next-generation multi-service access concentrator for integrated accessibility to Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) and granular transcoding of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and SONET networks. AIM offers programmable data stream allocation to cost-effectively pass through trunk bandwidth input from Ethernet LANs, routers, digital PBXs, terminal servers, and Frame Relay access devices (FRAD). Click here to view the complete line of AIM Products.

DPC (Digital Program Channel)   Coastcom DPC 15 vs. ATT PG15
The COASTCOM Transmit Digital Program Channel (DPC) is a member of a set of audio program channel units that plug into COASTCOM's D/I MUX® III. These plug-in modules make it extremely easy and economical for telcos to install temporary, part-time, or permanent audio program transmission service over existing T1 carrier facilities. The DPC set consists of a transmit and a receive plug-in. An optional Cable Equalizer Subboard (CES) is also provided. It mounts piggyback on the Transmit Unit. The equalizer is required when long lengths of cable are used to connect the audio equipment to the Transmit Unit. The DPC can be configured for 8 kHz or 15 kHz operation. 8 kHz operation requires four time slots and 15 kHz operation requires six time slots.

EMS (Element Management Systems)  Coastcom EMS Software
Coastcom offers a number of Element Management Software options.


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