Coastcom DPC 15 15-kHz Digital Program Channel

D4-Compatible Plug-in Using 14-bit Coding

DPC 15 15-kHz Digital Program Channel D4-Compatible Plug-in Using 14-bit Coding

DPC 15 Applications

Coastcom's DPC 15 can be used in place of AT&T's PG15 in all digital program channel applications; plus, it offers additional features not available with the PG 15.  The DPC 15 transmit and receive units are used in sets for one-way monaural transmission of radio or TV audio broadcast program links: from an on-site location to the studio, from the studio to the transmitter, or from the studio to the network's program center.  The DPC 15 can serve as a full-time link or as a temporary link when required for on-site program origination. Stereo programs require two parallel DPC 15 links: one for the right channel information and one for the left channel.

DPC 15 Description

The 14-bit Digital Program Channel (DPC 15) consists of a 15-kHz transmit channel unit and a 15-kHz receive channel unit that are end-to-end compatible with other units conforming to TRTSY-000431.
The DPC 15 uses six consecutive DSO time slots in a DS1 bit stream and three physical slots in the channel bank.
Attenuators can be adjusted, from 0.0 to 16.5 dB in 0. 1 -dB steps, to compensate for line losses see functional diagram).


Coastcom's DPC 15 offers many advantages over AT&T's PG1 5 digital program channels.

Easier to Test and Monitor The DPC 15's standard 310 connection on its monitor jack (signal connected to tip; ring and sleeve
connected to ground) makes it easier to test and monitor. AT&T's PG15 uses a nonstandard 310 connection on its monitor jack (signal connected to tip and ring; sleeve connected to ground).

More Useful Test Oscillator  The DPC 15 uses a built-in 0 dBm test oscillator. The PG15 has a +18 dBm test oscillator which
potentially causes crosstalk on the analog part of the system, making it impractical for test and alignment uses.

Equalizes up to 2.5 Miles at 150 Ohms and 600 Ohms The DPC 15 line equalizer has a maximum of ?0.3 dB deviation over the bandwidth (40 Hz to 15 kHz) for both 600 ohm and 150 ohm impedances for 2.5 miles of 26 gauge cable. The PG15 meets this spec only at 150 ohms impedance; at 600 ohms impedance the PG 15 can equalize only one mile (approximately) within ?0.3 dB deviation.

Switchable Equalizer Bypass A switch on the DPC 15 allows the line equalizer to be bypassed. To bypass the equalizer on the
PG15, each stage of the equalizer must be unplugged.

Meets CCITT Recommendation J-17 (Optional) Coastcom's DPC 15 has optional preemphasis and de-emphasis circuitry conforming to CCITT recommendation J-17 for unity gain at 2.1 kHz. The PG15 does not have this option.

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