Coastcom R430 Mini DACS E1/T1 Converter

The R430 Converter

coastcom's R430 Mini DACS E1/T1 Converter The R430 Mini DACS E1/T1 converter plus V.35 interface provides both DS0 and n*64 Kbps cross-connect between any T1 and E1 ports and E1 to T1 format conversion functions. E1 to T1 conversion includes line format, A-law to -law conversion, and signaling bits association. The R430 can also be configured with one or two V.35 interfaces along with T1 or E1 functionality. In addition, the unit provides 1:1 protection. This unit is suitable for applications involving 2, 3, or 4 ports, E1, T1 or V.35 (2 max). Ideally suited for concentrating fractional T1/E1 and serial V.35 signals for efficient signal transmission.  Each port, E1 or T1, can be configured for either long-haul or short haul.  Short-haul is for intra-office distances. Long-haul is for inter-office repeater lines. The Mini DACS can be configured via local terminal (RS-232) control or through the use of SNMP. An Ethernet control (SNMP) port is standard. All parameters except the TSI channel mappings can also be configured via the LCD/keypad on the front panel. The TSI channel mapping can be displayed but not changed on the LCD. In addition, the R430 can be managed by R-View EMS so it is easily integrated into your network.


Access for multiple services (voice, data,Ethernet, T1)
DACS applications
Microwave applications
Linear OC3 networks


Each DS0 time slot from any port can be assigned to any DS0 time slot of any other port
Each DS0 can be designated as a 64 Kbpsclear channel, or as a voice channel
Full translation of digitized voice between T1 and E1, including A law to law and signaling bitsassociation
2-line by 16-character LCD for maintenance, performance monitoring,and administration
Ethernet port for the connection to SNMP and to Telnet
Multicolor LED indicators for each of 4 line interfaces



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