Verso / Verilink 8200 IAD
8 16 24 POTS Ports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

Verso / Verilink 8200 Series IAD

The 8200 Series consists of access products provided in two versions: a base version supporting VoATM only and an “s” version that supports TDM/VoATM/VoIP all-in-one device. Both the base and “s” versions are available in models equipped with 8, 16, or 24 voice ports and an Ethernet interface capable of dynamic and static IP routing and bridging. With the 8200 Series IADs, bandwidth usage is optimized. The IADs prioritize voice packets and dynamically allocate bandwidth between voice and data services. This ensures that end-users continue to experience the audio quality they have come to expect while maintaining access to high-speed data connections.

Competition in the telecommunications market continues to intensify, putting carriers and other service providers under growing pressure to reduce network costs and deliver differentiated, highly competitive services. In response to this challenge, Verso / Verilink provides a family of Integrated Access Devices (IADs) that incorporates the capabilities of multiple networking devices such as channel banks, channelized/ unchannelized CSU/DSUs, and dynamic and static IP routers. By consolidating multiple network devices, converging multiple services, and moving intelligence to the network’s edge, Verso / Verilink’s 8200 Series IADs lower requirements for capital equipment, minimize operational expenditures, and maximize profits.



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