Carrier Access Access Bank I
Carrier-class Channel Bank


Multiple voice services from a single T1. The Access Bankฎ I
provides standard FXS, FXO, and other common analog line services
up to 24 lines from a single T1.

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Access Bank I


Easily provision varied analog voice services from T1

Compact device converts digital services to analog circuits
The Access Bankฎ I is an economical, compact device for converting T1 digital access services to 12 or 24 individual analog telephone circuits. Six different types of 12-channel and 4+8 channel telephone line interface cards provide a variety of analog line services, including:

  • DPO
  • DPT
  • E & M
  • FXO
  • FXS
  • TO
  • The Access Bank I automatically adapts to changing line conditions, providing a clear, echo-free transmission path at all times.

    Minimize deployment time
    Designed for speedy deployment, the Access Bank I provides installation instructions right on the case. Configuration is done via DIP switches and self-test routines to ensure that all circuits are operable. The design incorporates an integrated CSU, allowing direct T1 line connection and monitoring.

    In-service maintenance capabilities include hot-swappable line cards, channel LEDs and fuseless protection of all interfaces. A remote management option with Windowsฎ GUI software and built-in modem is also available.

    Direct connection to full CLASS features
    The Access Bank I TR-08 option offers direct digital T1 connection to Class 5 local switch interfaces, eliminating the need for analog conversion of line connections at the Central Office. TR-08 signaling can be provisioned for physically separate shelves. Unlike trunk-side T1 switch connections, line-side TR-08 connections supply full CLASSSM features directly to customer phone lines.

    Features At-A-Glance:

    • Supports carrier-class service delivery with on- and off-premises wiring, automatic line balancing and full power ringing
    • Printed instructions on the case allow easy provisioning and servicing with minimal training
    • Low power consumption with –48 VDC inputs and AC charger with economical eight-hour battery backup option
    • Compact size (1 RU), wall or rack-mount allows convenient space-saving installations
    • Fuseless line protection, fanless cooling and solid-state signaling increase service availability
    • TR-08 software option supplies direct customer connection to CLASS features


    • Optional remote Windows-based GUI management with built-in modem

    • Front panel T1 test switches and status LEDs

    • Back panel analog channel option, test switches, and status LEDs

    • Built-in T1 self-test and telephone line ringing and tone tests

    Digital T1 Interface:

    • Terminates 1.536 Mbps (24 channels) of usable bandwidth

    • Integrated intelligent CSU: DS1 or DSX-1 signal levels from 0 to –30 dB

    • D4 (SF), ESF framing, and SLC-96 framing with TR-08 option

    • AMI or B8ZS line coding

    • Clock source: Enhanced Stratum 4 (master) or synchronized to T1 line Telcordia™ TR-08 shelf, A, B, C, or D function


    Analog Interfaces:

    • FXS 12-channel card: Supports CLASS features; provides loop-start, ground-start, E&M signaling conversion and calling party disconnect

    • BRFXS/DPO 12-channel card: Supports CLASS features; operates as a Battery Reversal FXS loop-start card (BRFXS) or a Dial Pulse Origination (DPO) card

    FXO/DPT 12-channel card: Supports CLASS features; operates in FXO loop or ground-start signaling or Dial Pulse Terminate (DPT) signaling; E&M signaling conversion and calling party disconnect

    • 4 FXO + 8 FXS modular voice card: Supports 4 FXO/DPT circuits and 8 FXS circuits as described above

    • 4-Wire E&M /TO 12-channel card: Supports signaling types I, II, IV or V; uses up to 4 signaling and transmission pairs per channel (E/M, SG/SB, T/R and TI/RI)

    • 2-Wire E&M/TO 12-channel card: Supports signaling types I, II, IV or V; uses up to 3 signaling and transmission pairs per channel (E/M, SG/SB and T/R)

    • Patented automatic two-wire analog impedance adjustment adapts to various modems and line lengths

    • Full compatibility with V.34 (33.6 Kbps) and V.90 (56 Kbps) modems


    • Optional alarm dial-out notification over integrated modem (remote management option)

    • External alarm contact for visible or audible alarms


    • –48 VDC 1A input from battery source

    • Optional 115 VAC/75 W power converter

    • Optional 220 VAC/50 Hz to –48 VDC converter module for international applications

    • Solid-state fuseless overvoltage and overcurrent protection

    Regulatory Approvals:

    • FCC Part 68: CS-03 listed — telephone line interfaces

    • FCC Part 15: Class A Radiated Emissions Control

    • NRTL safety listed: UL 1459, CSA

    • National Electrical Code 1996 safety requirements


    • Dimensions:

    - 1.75 in. (H) x 17 in. (W) x 17.75 in. (D)

    - 4.45 cm (H) x 43.18 cm (W) x 45.09 cm (D)

    • Weight: 14.5 lb. (6.6 kg) fully loaded

    • Rackmount: 19 in. (48.26 cm) or 23 in. (58.42 cm)

    • Twenty-four Access Bank Is can be mounted in a standard 7 ft. (2.13 m), 23 in. (58.42 cm) equipment rack

    • Optional Trimount bracket to wall mount 3 Access Banks and power converters


    • Normal operating temperature: 32ฐ to 122ฐF (0ฐ to 50ฐC)

    • Solid-state over-temperature protection

    • Relative humidity (non-condensing) range: 0% to 95%


    • Optional Customer Premises Equipment Battery

    Backup unit (120 VAC to –48 VDC power) for up to eight hours of uninterrupted power protection

    • Flush wall mount, desktop or 19 in. rack mount (multi-function brackets included)

    • Optional trimount bracket for wall mounting of three Access Banks and power converters


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