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Carrier Access TimePlex CX1500
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From simple devices to complex, modular systems, our carrier-quality products are ideal for today’s do-more-with-less demands because we deliver on two goals -- maximizing service provider revenue while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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BROADway Platform
Next-generation SONET/SDH. The BROADway® is ideally suited for broadband hub site and multi-services switch center applications, delivering a wide range of voice and data services over NxT1/E1, DS3/E3, or SONET/SDH. Service providers can provision the BROADway for some or all of the following functions: SONET/SDH Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM), VT/TU-level switch, IP access router, 1/0 Digital Access Cross-connect System (DACS), 1/3 Multiplexer (M13) and ATM access switch.

Carrier Access BROADway Wireless Mobile

Axxius Platform
The new standard in access infrastructure functionality and performance. The Axxius® integrates many access and bandwidth management functions into a single space- and bandwidth-saving platform. It enables wireline and wireless carriers to deliver additional services and generate more revenue at dramatically lower costs. 

Carrier Access Axxius 800

MASTERseries Platform
Unparalleled functionality in a hardened platform. The MASTERseries platform provides the integrated functionality of DSU/CSU circuit termination, micro-DCS grooming, ADPCM transcoding, inverse multiplexing, IP routing, and voice FXS extension. The MASTERseries provides an ideal solution for cell site integrated access and narrowband access concentration applications. A variety of enclosures, application modules, and plug-on adapters create a flexible and scalable solution to your mission-critical interconnection issues.

Carrier Access MASTERseries IAD Platform

Adit Platform

Modular. Cost-effective. Scalable. Adits deliver a wide array of revenue-generating voice and data services to end-users. From small office / home office (SOHO) to multi-tenant units or cell sites, this platform was designed to cost-effectively scale to meet customers’ growing needs. 

Carrier Access Adit 105
Carrier Access Adit 600 
Carrier Access Adit 3104
Carrier Access Adit 3302
Carrier Access Adit 3402

CELLlink Platform
Cost-effective, reliable and highly manageable. The CELLlinkTM 500 product is Carrier Access’ most economical solution for providing circuit termination and drop-and-insert at cell sites, offering an integrated multi-port CSU/DSU in a compact footprint. The CELLlink 500 can be used in branch office networking for corporate voice and data applications and are ideal for wireless cell site backhaul applications that require simple terminations.

Exxtenz Platform
Optics for the cost of copper. The Exxtenz™ enables service providers to deliver cost-effective, integrated high-speed data and voice services to small and medium-sized businesses and multi-dwelling residences using a Passive Optical Network (PON) infrastructure – offering the benefits of PON for the cost of copper.

Carrier Access Exxtenz 100 / 200

Carrier Wide Bank 28 Platform
Best-of-breed intelligence. Unparalleled density. The Wide Bank platform is high on features and low on space requirements – intelligent multiplexers that deliver DS1 service from DS3 or STS-1 circuits. 

Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 DS3
Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 STS-1

Access Navigator Platform
Extend capex budgets. Reduce backhaul costs. By optimizing access facilities, the Access Navigator platform fully utilizes expensive switching and routing bandwidth resources while reducing unnecessary backhaul costs. 

Broadmore Platform
ATM to the edge. Capex to the bottomline. The Broadmore platform optimizes ATM capital investment and extends ATM service to the edge of the network utilizing standards-based Circuit Emulation Service (CES). 

Carrier Access Broadmore 500
Carrier Access Broadmore 1700
Carrier Access Broadmore 1750

FREEway Platform
License-free 5.3/5.8 GHz Point-to-point DS3/Ethernet. The FREEway is a fully hardened, self-contained point-to-point microwave radio. It is designed for either indoor or outdoor use, and is a carrier-class design supporting 99.999% availability. The FREEway's TDM and packet based feature set combined with a robust resistance to RF interference make it an ideal solution for cellular/PCS.

Carrier Access FREEway

Access Bank Platform
Powerful. Affordable. The Access Bank platform provides cost-effective T1 voice and data delivery solutions for single or dual T1 environments.

Carrier Access - Access Bank I
Carrier Access - Access Bank II
Carrier Access - Access Exchange

NetworkValet Platform
Reduced operating costs. User-friendly GUIs. A complete Element Management System (EMS) solution that remotely configures, provisions, manages and maintains all of our most popular devices using Java™-based graphical user interfaces and a CORBA compliant client/server architecture. 

carrier access networkvalet